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Monday, January 7, 2013


Popular on Facebook or not? May be your are already popular on Facebook or you are searching popularity on Facebook.But there are some people who needs to be popular on Facebook because of business or marketing purpose.Because these days people use this social media a lot and their personality and relations are measured in terms of Facebook connections and activities.This is true! So, if you are doing any kind of business and you product need branding then you can do it by increasing the parameter “how much you are popular on Facebook”. So, why not be popular on Facebook? Just follow the below simple tricks and tips and you will get the result instantly.
1. Post Pictures Frequently 

How to Get Popular on Face Book
How to Get Popular on Face Book

How to Get Popular on Face Book
How to Get Popular on Face Book

Yes, one picture can express thousand words.Also a picture can be an answer to thousand questions.So, try to post pictures regularly in Facebook.If someone post one picture then it comes to your wall will a large thumbnail and it attracts people and if someone likes it then he or she surely visits that picture and this picture gets thousands of share.

If you want to promote your brand then just put one small link with the picture or a logo of your brand or business.This will make you picture even more significant.

2. Keep Some Blank Space For Your Friends

This is a tricky way to involve your friends with you by asking them something and keep some dash or blank space in your status.Like ask your friends

My new pets name should be ????????___________

This makes your friend more involved with you and they will left no stone unturned to show their creativity.They will express their ideas and never forget to thank everyone.Cause though you are not taking everyone’s idea but thank them for their involvement and making your status popular on Facebook.

3. Ask For Caption Of Your Picture

This is another way to get your material popular on Facebook.Post one picture which is beautiful or rare and ask for caption of that picture.People will get involved with the picture and they will suggest you different caption.Which will make your product or picture popular.You can check the Facebook page of National Geographic where a lot of picture caption is been asked and people suggested a lot which makes the page a popular one.

4. Ask Question In Your Facebook Page

This is an easy way to get popularity in Facebook but this is undoubtedly successful.If you are a page admin then just ask one question and naturally people will answer your question and they will try to express themselves in front of other people and if they get like on their comment then they will get involved more.But make sure that you are describing about your question well.Otherwise people will not get your point and will avoid it.

5. Post Tips In Your Status Or In Page

You can post some small tips in your Facebook status or in Facebook page.People like small tips and tricks.Try to share computer or mobile related tips and tricks or download link of some latest released movie.People will grab those and your status will become popular.Try this and you will get positive result quickly.

6. Share Quotes

You can share quotes of different great persons.People love to read those quotes and they get motivated.At that point they think that you are saying this great quote and forget that this is uttered by other.So,they respect you and start following you or likes your quote or picture with quote.

Hope the above tips will work for you to get your product popular on Facebook and make you popular on Facebook.

Do not forget to Like it, Tweet it and Share it with your friends.And to stay connected with me, Like my FaceBook Page.
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