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Sunday, January 6, 2013


How to Protect Your Computer From Hackers!

Secure Your PC against Viruses and Hackers

Today Computer Security is main thing for all computer lovers.I post here that 
how to protect your computer against hackers and a days big company also fear from hackers and it also need to protect server.
your pc stronger and secured against attacks like Spyware,trojan horses,phishing,viruses,malware and hackers.

Follow Below Instructions for Protect your Computers.

1 > Install Anti-Virus Software.

First thing is you must install best antivirus software in your pc and keep it up to date.

2 > Up to date Operating system.

Keep Your Operating system up to date with latest patches.

3 > Install Anti-Spyware Software.

Use Anti-Spyware it protect from spyware,malware and trojan horses.
Download anti spyware from Here

4 > Install Firewall Software.

Install a personal Firewall and keep it up to date.In internet world there 
are many free firewall are there.
I Suggest Zone Alarm Firewall.

5 > Scan Computer Weekly.

Scan your Computer Hard Disk Weekly it will make better performance of Computer.

6 > Don't Open Spam E-mail.

Don't Open unknown E-mail or spam mail.

7 > Use Strong Password.

Use Strong password not use your birthdate,nickname or mobile number.
use alphabets,numbers and special symbols in your password.
Like GhU*&45H and also make it long.

8 > Secure Your Wi-Fi.

Secure your Wi-Fi connection with strong password.

9 > Don't Use Cybercafe for Netbanking.

If You are use Netbanking or than you always use only your computer never
use cybercafe.

10 > Don't Use Dictionary word in Password.

Never use Dictionary word in password.

So,Follow upper steps and keep your Computer Secured.

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