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Monday, March 18, 2013

Garage eXtender

Garage eXtender (GRGX) is a plugin for GTA San Andreas that adds more options and more garage slots into the game.

San Andreas have 50 slots for garages, but those slots are already used by default, so no mapper can create custom garages for their maps, that's sad...
This plugin solves this and also add more possibilities into garage system, like parking garages (as in GTA IV), new door movement styles, more garage opcodes...

Feel free to use this plugin within your mods to be capable of adding more garages into the game, I suggest you to add a link in the readme file into the GTA Forums topic, the mediafire link or the gta garage link, so if I need to update this plugin sometime you're not distributing a old version. But that's your choice, what do you think about it? ;)

This plugin can be used by scripters and mappers. Wait, scripters? We can't create garages by script! Well, with grgx you can! It restores the create_garage opcode from III\VC, and other opcodes too, try it.

Read the documentation for details of how to create and use all this stuff.


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Posted By: Ramees Kaztro



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