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Monday, March 11, 2013

Google Adsense TT4Y Aprooval TrickY TricK 2013


Hello Everybody,,,,,

We all know about Google Adsense. Most of the readers of this website and others have blog and all their aim to make my blog to a high level and make money from my blog.To make money with the blog CPM ads is the best place to make money.Many CPM publisher websites has been launched and they are giving variety offers.But even also Google Adsense is the best in all in one.
                                                                      But to approve from Google adsense  is not easy.Due to many publishers they are strictly giving the approvals.So Today's Post is revealing a new Tricky Trick to approve Google adsense .I know many of them's aim to approve Google adsense.

Tricky Tricks 4 You

To Approve Google adsense:-

Things you want for approval

  • A fresh new Mail Id (Gmail is more better).
  • Google adsense approval via 3rd parties.
  • Google adsense TT4Y TrickY TricK.

1First create a mail id.I thinkall of them know to create Gmail Id.(Email).

2,   Google Adsense approval via 3rd Parties.
You can get genuine Google Adsense account approved with many 3rd party accounts like : 
  • Fixya
  • Indyarocks
  • Webanswers
  • Docstoc
  • Hubpages
               For this TT4Y trick , I used

                                          Getting Google Adsense Approval With Docstoc

  1. Go to 
  2. Now create an account with your new fresh email id
  3. After creating an account with docstoc, create a new adsense account with docstoc [They will ask while creating Docstoc account] 
  4. In the meantime [ when your adsense account is being reviewed ], upload 10-15 unique PDF articles to Docstoc. (You can copy  blog posts of this website and save it as .PDF format using Microsoft Word or others. )
  5. After all done,within  2-5 days you will get a message from Google that your adsense is approved.
  6. Serve the ads via docstoc on your website for about 5 days. It will not give any income to you. But you have to add the ads via docstoc on your blog for  few days.
               Tips And Tricks

  • If you are not uploading 10 or more PDF articles to Docstoc, your adsense account will get disapproved with the reason " Insufficient content "
  • Don't click on your own ads.
  • Don't try to do any invalid activity.
  • Make your account more secure.

Drawbacks Of DocStoc Adsense Account

  • You will not get earnings from per visit to your blog.
  • You will get only 50% earnings from docstoc of your adsense earnings.
  • Your adsense account via docstoc will get easily disapproved.
  • Your earnings will be too slow as a tortoise. You will think that the tortoise wins the game. But in this tech world, hare wins the game.

TT4Y TrickY TricK Starts..........

  • After 5 days, go to adsense sandbox and check the preview of ads.
  • If ads are available, leave the site.
  • Now come to your Google Adsense account.
  • Go to blogger.
  • Go to the layout tab.
  • Remove the docstoc Ads from your site.
  • Leave blogger.
  • Now apply for adsense genuinely.
  • Visit
  • Apply for adsense.
  • During the review time, check the adsense sandbox if the ads are available.
  • After partial review, add the ad codes on your website.
  • Wait 2 days.
  • See the Google ads dancing on your website.

                                AND LAST YOUR GOOGLE ADSENSE IS APPROVED  

Tricky Trick


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Will It Work ?

 You all do this trick and if it not works, please contact me. Adsense account that you get with this trick is completely genuine and you will earn per visit to your blog and it is a sustainable account.

Are facing trouble with any step or you need more explanation, please use the comment box below
March,April 2013 Google adsense approval trick

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Posted By: Ramees Kaztro
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  2. hai my adsense account are disapproved every time wht can i dooo..

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  4. guys itz amazing get recharge of 300rs instantly just for registering..
    I got it.. u can thank me later
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  5. to apply genuinly for adsense which mail id should be used.

    which is used before or any mail id

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