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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Top 30 Tips on How to Make your Blog More Popular in 2013

Today i will tell some tips that will turn your blog more popular.
Who don't wants that its blog get more and more famous/popular than ever, thus Its being the ultimate goal of any blogger. But do you know how? If not then don't worry as today I must clear this doubt just below. As per me, there are certain tips that you must know and understanding their significance may help you in boosting your blog’s popularity. Hence we Getting traffic is not as easy as it looks all
you have to do hard work for it.

O k,lets learn how to Make your blog  Popular in 2013 by following some Hot 30 Killer Tips.

                                             TIPS AND TRICKS

1. Always Write unique and quality blog post content for your blog or site.

2. Post Regularly and set a fixed time for posting articles.

3. Write more than atleast 300 words per article and fill it with beautiful images.

4. Attractive blog Name, Theme and layout.

5. Learn How to Write an Popular and SEO optimized blog post for better SERP’s.

6. Blog Commenting is necessary.

7. Guest Blogging should be done in order to receive quality backlinks and traffic     to your blog.
8. Know How to Promote your Blog via Social Media sites. Hence SMO and SMM is must!

9. Always write on trending Topics.

10. Offer free giveaways and play contests on your blog to attract readers attention and drive traffic with popularity.

11. Must join popular Social media sites like Facebook , twitter and Google plus. Create your own official pages on it.

12. Its must to Submit your blog to the popular online directories like DMoz, Bloggers, Technorati etc.

13. Build great Backlinks to your site by following Webmaster guidelines.

14. Add your blog link in your e-mail signature.

15. Join Online Forums and interact with people more.

16. Use Popular Advertising networks such as Google Adwords, Facebook Advertising etc. to advertise your blog and getting the results in no time.

17. Use Print Media as well!

18. Focus on targeted Keywords, Meta tags to your blogs.

19. Make sure your blog load faster and easyto navigate.

20. Make more friends online and help each other. This helps to build better relationship between both.

21. Don’t blog for money alone!

22. Always listen to your readers choice and demand carefully.

23. Set a particular goal for today and future. Proper Time management is must.

24. Learn from ProBloggers and their tips wisely.

25. Always give an option on your blog to get subscribed to your posts via e-mails for boosting your blog readers in great way.

26. Deliver weekly Newsletter.

27. Share and Bookmark your posts and tell others to do that same.

28. Give importance to your blog post Titles and make them killer as well as SEO optimized!

29. Post Article's that speak itself I mean don't try to make it for search engines, make it for your blog readers with true content. Never post spam/scam things.

30. Last but not the least Never Give up, learn from your mistakes and have patiencealways.
That's it!

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Posted By: Ramees Kaztro
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