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Friday, April 1, 2016

How To Boost Your Smartphone Speed By Rooting

How To Boost Your Smartphone Speed By Rooting
How To Boost Your Smartphone Speed By Rooting

Boost and increase your android smartphone performance, speed and battery life by rooting and installing these apps. Speed up your android smartphone optimizing your android mobile phone.

Most of the peoples in the current world are smartphone users and they are addicted to them very deeply. There are many average persons in this world than rich peoples. They do buy smartphone's at the price of budget they can afford. So it seems to be low specifications and may feel lag and reduced performance while using it or running high data apps and high graphics games.

So, today we are with How To Increase Your Android Smartphone Performance after rooting. Me too a victim of that problem. So i researched overall internet and collected some apps that can bring you some increased performance and speed. This because by optimizing the ram and performance of your android smartphone, these apps can bring the real upgraded performance. 

Trick To Speed UP Your Android Smartphone By Rooting

For this, we are provided some apps and their download links to install it on your smartphone. 
You need to root your android smartphone before install these apps. Otherwise it will not work on your PC. I ll tell you , how to root android phone, if you want it. So mention it below comment box.

So go through the article and download it on the topic How To Boost Your Android Smartphone Speed And Battery Life. install these apps. You can feel the real difference after it.

Do Read:-

Best Rooted Android Apps To Boost Your Android Smartphone

#1. Greenify

This is the first you should install after rooting your android smartphone. This app is simple but very effective. Also Greenify helps you to boost your android smartphone battery life by hibernating the unwanted/less used apps. By hibernating these apps, these apps will not run in background which will save a lot of ram and increases your battery performance. This app is very popular among rooted users, so consider it as much important.

#2. ROM Manager

ROM Manager is a powerful apps for all smartphone lovers to customize their smartphone by their choice. Some phones didn't have any OTA update for their upgraded OS. By flashing a custom ROM through this software, you can upgrade your smartphone to the latest version of OS by this method. Also you can install out market custom Roms which is useful and have many features while comparing the default android OS.

#3. Titanium Backup

This is an android rooted app for powerful users and doing so much tweaks by risking their smartphone. So sometimes you want to restore your files or even android OS completely, after flashing it when it goes something wrong. So this app must be installed and backup frequently and you will worth this app a lot. You can backup up a specific data or a specific application and their data and they can be restored as per your wish. This is a powerful app for all of us. So you should install it on your android smartphone if you are a rooted user.

#4. Trickster Mod

Trickser Mod is a super app for all. As like the name, these app performs many super tricks which can optimize your smartphone. You can make your smartphone fly like butterfly by overclocking your mobile phone. By doing this you can save your battery life a lot and you ll worth it. 

#5. Smart Booster

This android app name Smart Booster is an awesome for android addicted gamer's. You may feel laggy while running high end graphics games on your phone. So this app can helps you a lot, by boosting your android smartphone RAM for the specific. This apps concentrate the RAM for the specific app and can play any games without having lag. So you must use this app if you are a gamer.

#6. Root Firewall Pro

Don't you feel some lag and slow internet speed while browsing or downloading and you didn't have not using any other internet consuming things. This because of the backgrounds app running with your internet connections. BY using this app you can make use of it, stops the background running apps from it and you can increase your smartphone internet speed through this method. Root Firewall Pro also used to block the ads. So this app will helps you in many ways.

#7. Link2SD

The last, but not the least. This app performs very well and helps your smartphone in many ways. Many of them have only less internal space. So by using this app you can move you android built in apps and applications to your SD card very easily. Link2SD can brings you a lot of internal space which results in increased performance of your smartphone.


These are the best android smartphones to be installed on your smartphone after rooting. By installing the essential apps listed here you can feel the dramatic increased performance and speed of your android smartphone. So here we completed on he topic How To Speed Your Smartphone By Installing These Apps After Rooting. I hope you enjoyed and feel free to ask something related to this.

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Posted By: Unknown on Friday, April 1, 2016

Saturday, March 26, 2016

How To Remove Trojan Horse Virus From Your PC Easily

How To Remove Trojan Horse Virus From Your PC Easily
What is a Trojan horse and the tips and tricks to remove the Trojan virus from your computer very easily. Go through the post and you ll cover all topics.

You may wonder how the virus called Trojan Horse, the most influential virus among named Trojan Horse.  Many of them may affected by this virus in their computer. The viruses can enter our computer through various ways such as through internet, downloading, external drives, installing some effected software's and applications etc.

These viruses have the ability to slow down your PC very effectively and even able to hijack our secure data. That's the specialty of these viruses. The Trojan horse are one of the most dangerous viruses ever and can harm our computer a lot.

Do Read :-

Trick To Remove Trojan Horse Virus From Your PC

These viruses can also multiple your files and documents itself. We can see a duplicate of the folders and files, this because of the attack of these viruses. If a virus can create a text editor which can access any location of the computer and also can put the files in a particular location through these text editor, then the virus surely will be Trojan Horse. The main motto of this virus is that, it can modify and edit any data on the affected computer without any permission or authentication.

Easy Methods To Remove Trojan Horse Virus From Your Computer

Just follow the below steps and you can successfully remove the Trojan Horse computer virus.

Method #1. Removing The Unsafe Programs.

This method is very simple. Only you need a common sense at all. You need to go through the installed programs on your PC and note the software or any program which has been not installed by you.
If it is found, then Uninstall these program and restart your PC.

For this, Go to Control Panel >> Uninstall Program

You can see a dramatic improve in your PC performance after uninstalling the program.

Method #2. Through Registry Edit

1. Simply Press Win Key + R and Run dialogue box appears.

2. Then type "regedit" and press Enter

3. After that click on "HKEY_CURRENT_USER" >> "Software" >> "Microsoft" >> "Windows" >> "Current Version" >> "Run".

Then have a look at the suspected software's there and search it on Google. Then you can understand the full details of the program and if you found it is Trojan Horse virus. Then simply uninstall it.

4. Scan Through An Updated Anti-Virus

You can easily remove the Trojan viruses using the up to date antiviruses. Nowadays anti viruses have the ability to remove completely these viruses from your computer. You can also use any anti-malware or anti-spyware, If you don't have any virus, then simply download and install these virus.

5. Scan Through Safe Mode

If you really want to get rid of Trojan Horse viruses, then must do these method. You just login into Safe Mode by restarting your PC.Then simply perform a full scan through Safe Method.


These are the simply and easy methods to completely remove Trojan Horse virus from your PC. Here we completed the topic about How To Remove Trojan Horse Virus From Your Computer. A simple tip from me is that always install and perform an antivirus scan while copying or uninstalling something on your PC. I hope you enjoyed this post and i would expect your valuable comments here below.

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Sunday, March 20, 2016

How To Use Your iPhone As Computer Microphone

How To Use Your iPhone As Computer Microphone

We have discussed a lot about iPhone in this blog, and some of them are very cool tricks and some of them are reviews about iPhone Smartphones. Today i am here with a cool trick to use your iPhone mic your computer microphone. Many of them suffering the same problem of all us they dont have any inbuilt mic in their laptop or computer.

So they used to face some difficult while in video calling or for anything. So for all such persons am here with this cool trick to bring the solution to set as your iPhone smartphone as your mic. Cool right? .

How To Use iPhone As Your PC / Laptop Microphone

For this you need simple software installed on both device for easy communication.
The installation method is also very simple and no need any techcnical knowledge or any big stuff in your head :-P .
This method also provides a best quality of sound while video calling and didn't suffer any type of lag.

This trick is not a wireless method, you need a thing for communication between it.
they are,

Do Read:-


Megaphone App (Free) ( Paid Too )
3.5mm AUX cable

Use Your Smartphone As Your Computer Microphone

#Step1. Download and install the Megaphone app from the app store.

This app will allows you to communicate each other from PC to iPhone.

#Step2. After download and installing, Launch the app from your iPhone and adjust the volume sensitivity using the volume keys.

How To Use Your iPhone As Computer Microphone

#Step3. Then, connect the one end of the Aux cable in your iPhone mic port and the other end on your PC microphone jack.

#Step4. Then look down right side below on your desktop screen and on the quick access bar right click on the Sound icon and then select playback devices.

How To Use Your iPhone As Computer Microphone

#Step5. After that click on the recording section and tell something in your iPhone microphone and make sure the sound bars are increasing and falling down while talking.

This means you are successfully connected and working properly.

Bingo!! You have successfully connected your iPhone on your computer you can now use iPhone mic as your computer microphone and you can enjoy a fun conversations.
So here we completed the tutorial about How To Use Your iPhone As PC Microphone and i hope you enjoyed this cool trick a lot.

Dont forget to share you mind views here. Good luck. Am always with you..

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Posted By: Unknown on Sunday, March 20, 2016

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Most Popular Top 10 Android Selfie Smartphones

List Of High Quality 10 Latest Android Selfie Smartphones
Image Credit:

As you know Android phones are the most used smartphones in the world. Today smartphone giants are fighting each other to stand up front by introducing many quality features and new technologies. But in all smartphones basically they are targeting the camera module for improving its quality every time. Camera has good influence in selling a smartphones in all manner. Now in the current generations selfies are the new trend and the youth as well as others are addicted to selfies and in any occasion we mostly used to take as a trend even if we have a DSLR camera.

Many of them starts trouble when they decided to buy a smartphone for them. They used to think which smartphone is better for taking pictures and selfies. Because some smartphones offers high camera quality by it's specifications but doesn't worth much. So i decided to provide a list of Top 10 Selfie Android Smartphones To Buy In 2016.

I recently researched these smartphones along with discussing it with my friends and now i am sharing this to you.
So you can solve your confusion to buy for which smartphone is suitable for you which provides best selfie camera.

Check This:-

Best Ever Top 10 Android Selfie Smartphones 2016

We only give priority to the selfie front camera and not the rear camera. So these phones may be not be the best high quality rear camera smartphones.

If you have any doubts or you want to know the details more about it, you can ask me using commenting system, i happy to help you always.

So let's start the discussion..

List Of High Quality 10 Latest Android Selfie Smartphones

#1. Huawei Honor 7  ( My Favorite )

Top 10 Most Popular Android Selfie Camera Smartphones in 2016.

You know what, i will call this phone an awesome. I am using currently this phone after using a lot much smartphones and i personally recommend this smartphone for all mobile phone lovers. This phone comes with 20 MP back camera along with dual LED flash. And the front camera with 8MP sensor along with LED flash. The main highlighting part of this smartphone is the LED which comes in the front side which will be very useful for all of us take selfies at night and low light area. This will give our cute selfies much quality.

#2. Sony Xperia C4 Smartphone

Top 10 Most Popular Android Selfie Camera Smartphones in 2016.

Sony always leads in the market all the time in any electronics sale. Sony always try to improve the camera quality all the time and they are mainly focusing the camera quality in their every smartphones. This is the most trusted brand by the people. So they released well known selfie camera Sony Xperia c4 . This phone comes awesome build quality and design and have 5 MP LED flash-toting  selfie and Exmor RS which performs in a neat way. So you will experience while taking selfies.

#3. HTC Desire EYE

Top 10 Most Popular Android Selfie Camera Smartphones in 2016.

There are only small number of smartphones by HTC which provides high quality back camera. And the HTC Desire EYE smartphone is the best in this category and the leading in their branded smartphone. This phone may consider as the flagship selfie smartphone which comes with same camera sensors on both sides ( rear and front) and both of them provides powerful quality.

#4. Motorola Moto X Pure

Top 10 Most Popular Android Selfie Camera Smartphones in 2016.

This android smartphone is the best in class in Motorala smartphone which comes with quad HD panel,stereo speakers, hexa-core snapdragon 808 chip,3 GB ram. The awesome rear camera clarity of this phone 21 MP and front camera is 5 MP acts more than a normal 5 MP camera smartphone. While in any photo shooting this camera performs very well.

#5. Sony Xperia C5 Ultra

Top 10 Most Popular Android Selfie Camera Smartphones in 2016.

when comparing this phone with earlier discussed Sony Xperia c4 , this phone is a 6 inch tablet smartphone which is little bit cheaper than it and this phones comes with the 13 MP camera which included Exmor RS to auto focus,wide angle lenses and superior auto modes. So this will be the best among selfie smartphones in this category.

#6. Asus Zenfone Selfie

Top 10 Most Popular Android Selfie Camera Smartphones in 2016.

Asus 5.5 Inch selfie focused phablet smartphone comes with ultimate combination both 13 MP and dual LED flash which looks really awesome. Highlighting specifications of Asus Zenfone is 1080p screen, octa-core processor,3 GB ram and 32 GB ROM which looks really pretty. This phone is not highly expensive this phone suits for persons who looking for average cost best in class selfie smartphone.

#7. Samsung Galaxy J7

Top 10 Most Popular Android Selfie Camera Smartphones in 2016.

This phone may be the best selfie smartphone in Samsung, because Samsung Galaxy J7 comes with best hardware combination and its great camera module of 5 MP along with LED flash will be smarter and better than everything.
If you are a Samsung brand lover if you choose a best samsung smartphone for taking selfies mainly this phone surely suits for you. Also the designing and build quality of Galaxy J7 stands up high above than other smartphones.

#8. Sony Xperia C3

Top 10 Most Popular Android Selfie Camera Smartphones in 2016.

This phone consists of 5.5 inch large screen phablet smartphone comes with 5 MP high quality camera and it's the junior of his senior smartphone Sony Xperia c4. So when comparing the features this may stands little below than Xperia c4 as because Xperia c4 is the improved version of Xperia c3. This phone inbuilt with some soft LED flash, smile detection and Super senior auto function makes this phone much pretty as like his senior.

#9. Blu Selfie 

Top 10 Most Popular Android Selfie Camera Smartphones in 2016.

This is the best affordable smartphone for all smartphones which costs only a little. It has a good camera module and comes with 13 MP LED flash camera for rear camera and front camera, which is a great deal for everyone at this price. This phone supports variety latest updated software and inbuilt with great hardware features. So this phone is highly recommended by me.

#10. Samsung Galaxy J5

Top 10 Most Popular Android Selfie Camera Smartphones in 2016.

And the final one!! As like above, Galaxy J5 is the junior of his senior smartphone Galaxy J7 and it stands little down than Galaxy J7. This smartphone comes with a front camera of 5 MP shooter that performs very well. This phone is listed in a decent price category in this, and for a normal high user can buy this if you are trusted Samsung lover.


These are the best in class Android Selfie Smartphones In 2016 which comes with awesome front and back camera clarity. Some phones comes with DUAL LED flash which shoots every picture better and very better. So analyse the given above smartphones very clearly and decide which smartphone is suitable for you.
We have completed our discussion on the topic Top 10 Most Popular Android Selfie Camera Smartphones in 2016.
You may felt confusion for deciding as it is all are comes with similar features. So if you want some help for selecting the suitable smartphone then put your trust on me and comment your opinion above and i will help you to clear your doubts.
Also make a share to your social profiles if you really liked this post and it will be a helping hand to us. Thank You.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Easy Way To Create Windows 10 Installation Disc

Easy Way To Create Windows 10 Installation Disc

We will cover the topic about How to Windows 10 installation disc to install it on any PC. You can check the below tutorial to teach yourself about the process of learning to create installation disc for Windows 10 very easily.
And you can easily and simply use this disc to install it on other computer whenever you want.

Windows 10 is the latest and final OS made by the software corp Microsoft. They announced that they will no longer create release further OS in future. Windows 10 comes with awesome features and if you didn't still downloaded Windows 10 to your computer, you can download it from here, check below

Do Read:-

The creative designing and fast loading of Windows 10 make differ from older OS and there are many inbuilt features included on their new OS. although they released currently about 190 countries to make their computer to update for Windows 10.. Also yo can make use if this tutorial to make your USB flash drive bootable by following the same steps here.

So here, we teach you to create a Windows 10 installation disc through this article. An you can have some fun too. You can easily install Windows 10 to any computer using this installation disc you created.
This will be a very easy method for you to make it.
Follow my guide below to make your way to create installation disc for Windows 10.

How To Make Windows 10 Installation Disc Very Easily

This tutorial and this method is very simple and you have to download a simple software to make it bootable using some procedures. So follow me..

Steps To Create Installation Disc For Windows 10

#Step1. You have to download a software to make your CD bootable.

#Step2. After downloading this software, Open it and click Create an installation media option for another PC option.

#Step3. After that, you have to install this tool and launch it after installing .

#Step4. Then you can see two options to choose.

To make your USB Flash Drive bootable for installing windows 10
To create an ISO file.

You can also select the first option to Make Your USB Bootable For Installing Windows 10.
Or else  select the ISO file option.

#Step5. Then, the downloading the ISO file will starts and based on your internet speed it will finish itself.

#Step6. After finished the downloading you can see the ISO file of Windows 10 and burn that ISO file to a DVD disc by using the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool.

Don't confuse whether i mistakenly written about looking at Windows 7. This tool is suitable for burning ISO file for Windows 10 too. You can download it from here,

#Step7. For burning the ISO Windows 10 file, just open the above downloaded tool and click browse and select the ISO file and click on Next.

#Step8. After that choose  DVD to make it bootable for installation disc.

Then the burning process will starts and you can see the success message after it in finished. So wait for sometime.
So after that you make this DVD to install Windows 10 on any PC using this installation bootable disc.

Quite simple right??


So finished our tutorial on the topic Tutorial to Create Windows 10 Installation Disc For Installing Windows 10.
I hope you all get's the clear view of tutorial and hope you enjoyed it to.. If you have any queries regarding this topic. Then you can ask them on by commenting them below and also make your valuable shares as it is very important to us to make our site grow.

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Monday, March 14, 2016

Effective Way To Hack Windows Password Very Easily

How To Hack Windows Password Very Easily Using Ophcrack
Image Credits:

In today's article we gonna learn you to become a small hacker to hack someone's windows 7 password using Ophcrack software. This is a new hacking tool which allows you to hack your windows password by recovering it. This software will works on all version of windows such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista Etc.

 Also it comes with GUI and which runs on multiple OS like Linux, Mac too. Through this tutorial you ll learn on the topic How To Hack Windows, Mac , Linux Password Using Ophcrack Software/Tool. We are providing today the process of learning to hack password of windows only. But you can also use this tool to hack other OS Linux And MAC for hacking password.

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How To Hack Windows Password Using Ophcrack Tool


 OphCrack Live CD  - You need a blank CD or DVD to write and burn the Ophcrack live image.

You can download it from here

#1. Download the suitable Windows OS version live cd for hacking. If you are using Windows 7, then download Ophcrack Windows 7 Live CD else if you are using Windows XP then download the Ophcrack live CD for that version. It depends upon you.

#2. After downloading it, simply burn the live image of Ophcrack tool to the blank CD or DVD.

#3. Now insert the burnt disc into the computer which you want to hack and restart your computer

#4. And after restarting,you see a blank screen.

#4. Press Enter to boot to Ophcrack or it will automatically boots into it.

#5. You ll see something some operations going through your window screen with several lines of codes.You have to wait sometime to complete it. So be patient.

#6. Now you ll see the Ophcrack password recovery window and if you see "EMPTY" word anywhere on the screen, then you don't need to worry. You can now login without entering any password.


#7. After that copy that hash value which you can see under NT hash field section.

You cannot see the password directly using this tool. You need to decrypt that hash value.

For that we are using an online tool to transforming the Hash value to Password.

#8. So Click this Link to Open the Website , Crackstation.Net , this is an online tool for decrypting the value.

#9. Paste that Hash value which you have copied in the previous step in the box, solve the captcha code and click on Crack or press enter.

#10. Bingo!! You will get the password  right there.

Completed the tutorial Of Hacking Windows Password Using Ophcrack Tool Easily

Hope you got the idea of hacking method to hack  Windows 7 or Windows XP password by using Ophcrack. Please consider using this tool for only any self help or for any type of educational purposes. Dont misuse this software for any type of hacking purposes. Also be alert and secure PC from other hackers. Good Luck..

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Sunday, March 13, 2016

How To Remove Write Protection Error From Memory Card

How To Remove Write Protection Error From Memory Card

Nowadays the memory card has been corrupting with an error which we can't able to write anything on pen drive or you can't delete anything from it. All you can do is reading or opening whatever in the pen drive. Many of them are facing this problem and didn't have any way to make a solution even by formatting it. So here, today we provide you the best two ways to remove write protection from pen drive or memory card.

How To Remove Write Protection From Memory Card Or USB

  • Plug Your USB Into computer first.

There are 2 ways for removing this error from your SD card or pen drive. Before telling these methods, make sure you drive is free from viruses. For an easy, Please format your memory card for getting perfect solution.
Also viruses  can act as an error for getting write protection. So scan your memory card or pen drive with a best anti virus and if it founds something virus, then the problem for getting write protection is because of the virus.

After trying this method too, this error didn't solved, then try the below best methods for removing the write protection.

You Like To Read:-

Removing Write Protection Using Registry - Method 1

#1. Press Win Key + R or search for Run from start menu

#2. Type "regedit" in the dialogue box and press Enter.

Registry Editor will now open itself.

#3. Now go to this path -


#4. After reaching this path, you can see the Write Protection option.

#5. Click it on set the value to 0.

#6. All Set, All Clear...

 Removing Write Protection Using Command Prompt - Method 2

#1. Same like above,  Press Win Key + R or search for Cmd from start menu

#2. Type "cmd" in the dialogue box and press Enter.

  Command Prompt window will open.

#3. In that type "diskpart" and simply press Enter.

  Another Diskpart Cmd Window will opens.

#4. In that type "list disk"

#5. Now you will see the drives in your computer. check your your drive number.

#6. In default it will be 1. So type "Select disk 1" and it will select your Memory card or pen drive.

#7. After that type "attributes disk clear read-only" and press Enter button.

#8. Exit from command prompt window and simply format your SD card or USB.

You are done, completed. Now your memory card write protection error will be removed completely.

So, these are the best two ways for removing the memory card or USB write protection error easily without having too much steps. I mentioned all the steps very simple and easy language. So i hope all of you understands it very well. If you have any trouble while doing this, you can ask it by commenting it below. Sharing Is Caring Us

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Top 10 Most Popular Android Multiplayer Games Ever

Top 10 Most Popular Android Multiplayer Games Ever
Android OS is the widest using smartphone in the world now. Most of them are using Android phone and some of them are using IOS,Windows,Blackberry Etc. And the best part is most of the, are very interesting gaming lovers. Now most of them likes to play multi-player for time killing. So here today i will provide you the best and interesting addicted android multiplayer games which you gonna trouble you all the time by playing it. We brings you the latest best ever android multiplayer games in 2016 to be fun with your friends.

We are providing the best and easy download links to download it directly to your android phone.

Do Read:-

Addicted Ever Top 10 Android Multiplayer Games 2016

#1. Doodle Army 2 - Mini Militia

This is the trending and most popular multiplayer game in android nowadays. This is my favorite game ever. You will be killed by your friends by shooting them. It's an simple action shooting game which you can able to kill someone by shooting and blasting some bombs. I bet you ll be addicted to this game. You can play offline using your wifi hotspot and you can play with your near friends without any internet connection.

#2. Clash Of Clans

This is the second best addicted multi player game and most popular android game of 2015 and now in 2016. This game is very succeed in making their gamers very happy. You can make your friend very happy, but all you need is a big patience to making clan of your friend. Join together with other players for

#3. Chain Reaction 

This is an interesting simple and clean game for everyone. You can play upto 7 players together. This too my favorite game. I did like to play this game with my friends all the time. That much you will get interested with it. This is the best game ever to play and have fun with your friends.

#4. Asphalt 8: Airbone

This is one of the best racing games ever in android. It has an high end quality graphics with requires much more memory t run this game. This is actually a car racing with real playing graphics which supports multi player. You can even play single player too.

#5. Modern Combat 5 Blackout

This android games is the best in class action game for multiplayer's. The is the best ever action multiplayer game in 2016. This game is very high popular and have good ratings in android markets. Awesome graphics quality is comes with this games and you need high memory to play this game.

#6. Real Boxing

Top 10 Most Popular Android Multiplayer Games Ever
You can able to challenge you friend sitting near to you and playing with him offline without any internet connection. That is the specialty of this boxing game. This will make you all good fighters in gaming. So this is high recommended by me.

#7. Real Racing

This is just like Asphalt Airbone but requires much more memory than it. This is extreme end graphics game. You can have the real feel of driving a real car and racing with it. You can challenge your friends and you can beat their records and stands up in first. This is a cool and nice multiplayer android game.

#8. Dragon Hunter

This game is created by the big game developers Gameloft. This game may be very common to you because this game is very popular among the android and desktop gamers.

#9. Respawnables

This game is not new and so unique, but you will surely enjoying this game as it is very simple and clean. You can play and beat your friends record. Also you can upgrade skills for beer gaming.

#10. Order of Chaos

This is an marvelous game in this list. It has high and enough user rating and you can have a blast with your friends. You can make some teams with your friends and can able to fight with other teams.

So these are the best and top 10 listed android games ever in android 2016. So you can have a blast day by playing these games. All downloading links are working perfectly and you can inform if anything goes wrong.

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Friday, March 11, 2016

Powerful Ways To Hack WhatsApp Account In 2016

Powerful Ways To Hack WhatsApp Account In 2016

In olden days Facebook is he widest and most popular social networking site to connect with your friends and to communicate with each other. But now everything has changed a lot. We too changed our mindset and passion. Now the most spread and widest using communication app is the Whatsapp. Considering this, hackers turned their primary hacking methods from facebook to Whatsapp already. Now they are adopting many ways to to hack whatsapp account. When considering about Whatsapp it is the best ever app with most ever security systems with best in class encryption system. Because of the absence of logging system like Facebook there is no best chance for hacking accounts using these methods by using the forgot password method.

How Hackers Used To Hack WhatsApp Account In 2016

Hackers are like the scientists. They finds an another way when the one of the door closes. So they now adopting new ways and methods for hacking Whatsapp account.
In previous posts i have shared some new about hacking,

You can check it here,

So, today we are discussing about the topic How hackers hacks your facebook account by these methods.

In simple i will tell you. There is no any tool or hacking method for hacking any type of account such as facebook or whatsapp or any social networking website by simply typing their victim email id or phone number or username. When we search it on Google for the topic "Hack Facebook Account" you will see a huge list of website which offers they will hack your victims accounts by simply entering their username or email id. These all are rubbish and all are fake. you will be in trouble while using it and you will be the victim for their hacking without knowing anything.

Let me will publish a post about detaily and simple and powerful tool which i already have. Wait for my future posts or simply comment your interest for posting it early.

And also be in mind that we are not safe in this world. And anything is impossible here, all are possible by their hard effort. So live with that and anytime anything will happen. Be aware about and not having too much over confidence.

Tell Me The Ways How Hackers Hacks Your Whatsapp Account

Yeah, i am on the way, below we will discuss about the best and top powerful hacking ways hackers can hack your whatsapp account.

How To Hack Hack Whatsapp Account In 2016 By Hackers

#1. Locating The Whatsapp Backup File Location

This is the best and tricky method used by most hacker for hacking their victims whatsapp account. This can be simply done using any file manager. And we can copy the backup file location to external SD card or anywhere. But we cant read it in normal as it is highly encrypted for reading it. You cant read it normal way. But all will have a solution. It can be extracted using some online tools or using software's and all your chats will be read by the hackers and they simply hacked your Whatsapp chats without knowing. But the vulnerability of this hacking is that the physical access of your smartphone by the hackers. This is the only chance for getting hacked by the hackers. So be alert make your whatsapp and file manager always locked with some android lockers.

File Location o your Whatsapp backup data is - (/sdcard/WhatsApp/Databases/msgstore.db.crypt)

make it protected with some locker apps.

#2. Hacking Whatsapp Chat Using The Backup Option

Whatsapp have the another vulnerability for allowing the hackers to send your chat complete backup data. And comparing the first method this is simple for hackers and no need of technical knowledge. This is favorite method i hacked and read some confidential chats of my friends hihi :-P
Another advantage of using this method this chat backup are saved in the external SD card or anywhere as plain text and no need to be decrypted by using anything. Also they can send it to their email as a plaint text and they can simply read your Whatsapp chats as in plain texts.

#4. Spoofing The Whatsapp Mac Address

Another specialty of whatsapp security side is no one can use the same whatsapp account in two or multiple phone. If you verify your mobile number on another phone, then you will logged out from the olden phone. These are identified by using the default MAC address of the smartphone. Every smartphone comes with a unique MAC address like IMEI code and they cant be changed normally. So when the hackers changing their smartphone MAC address as same as the victims MAC address by using some rooted apps to change it, then he can able to log in to the victims whatsapp account along with the victim uses it on his smartphone without knowing. This method could be some risky for all of us and be prepared to be hacked by someone and use whatsapp with caution.

I Am Frightened!! Can I Have Any Solutions To Prevent This Hacking?

Unfortunately in normal there is no permanent way to stop this hacking method. All you can do is only hands on your whatsapp to your friends in only with your presence and not allowed to give them unnecessarily. This could saves you a lot.

Also this hacking cant be done by a normal person, only experts can do it, by using a rooted android phone and some technical skills for changing the MAC address. So don't be frightened about this until you are not a celebrity or a famous person.

#4. Hacking Whatsapp Using WhatsDog

Hey, What is WhatsDog instead of Whatsapp. I didn't got it.

Let me explain and clear your doubt. WhatsDog is the new way of hacking, its an android application for spying our children or wife or anyone with the physical presence of our hands. However this app is not made for hacking purposes or illegal purposes. Just for tracking someone's whatsapp activity targeted for our children misusing it or sweethearts. But taking this as an advantage, the hackers take care of this app and use this for hacking purposes.
By using this app by installing the app invisibly in your android phone by them, then the hacker can simply track your all whatsapp activities using this method.

Don;t worry, this app is a paid version and serious hackers only will buy this by paying an huge amount. So someone will not use it and buy for hacking simple whatsapp account as you are a normal person.

So, these are best ever top hacking methods used by hackers for hacking someones whatsapp account by following these methods. So i am here presented these tricks only for educational purposes and for having you the knowledge about it and be safe from it. So don't use these methods for any illegal purposes. Be honest and Be Good.
Let me hear, if you have any doubts regarding this topic and put it in the below comment section.

If you want to post anything about the topic you want to, just put your mindset about the topic below comment box and we will look forward about your choice. Because you our King, I'll be with you always in all time in any way :-)

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