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Monday, February 29, 2016

The Innovative Ideas To Start A Successful Blog

The innovative Ideas To Start A Successful Blog
Image Source: ShoutMeLoud
                Wishing you a pleasant day, Today i am decided to tell you the innovative ideas and complete guide to stand up your blog in a successful position and blog like pro blogger.
As you know, this my first post about blogging and i wish you tell my experiences and ideas i got from my life to make you learn from it.

I gonna write you a long story about the tips and tricks for all beginners and newbies who dont know much about blogging. To be frank, no one needs and skill for starting a blog, you have to learn and achieve experiences and do mistakes as you can.

If Someone Didn't Make Any Mistakes In His Life, Then He Will Not Tried Anything New - Albert Einstein 

All of us makes mistakes a lot while starting time at anything. So be positive and have greater confidence to overcome and win in any mistakes and climb upon higher and higher as much as you can.

Give Me Some Confidence

Blogging is like fruit giving tree. At the beginning we plant it, we have to properly care very carefully, stay with it always and do proper watering and giving sufficient fertilizers for getting successful yield. If we add too much fertilizers, it will be harm to it. So apply to efficiently not too much. In the growing time we have to check whether any other pesticides are not affected by it, if it is.. do proper remedies. After growing up, then the tree will give you the yield as fruits.

As like considering Blogging as fruit giving tree, we too treat blogging as like that. Mostly all of them do start blogging to make some money and getting higher and higher profit. But we have to care like a child and do not think about the profit or money at the very beginning. After getting your blog to a good position then think about money and do for money.

In a Malayalam film, Jayasurya actor told:- Focus On Your Work, Forget The Result, It Will Happen!!
I like this principle very much, and i did like to tell you all. Focus on your blogging work, forget about money, surely it will come to you.

Am Empowered, Now Teach Me The Guide !!

Blogging Is Not For Money ,  For Your Passion 

First thing i have to tell is that, we should not think about money making process while blogging. That thinking will not reach you anywhere. Think about your passion. Only do blogging if you have the interest in doing blogging finding fun with that, if No, then you cant make your blog to anywhere.
There are so many failure bloggers ho didn't have the passion and doing started blogging without having any interest, only thinking about money. So, go with you passion, if it is blogging...Then do blogging,..

Choosing The Correct Topic/Niche For Your Blog

While starting blog, you should think twice and select a good topic which you have any knowledge or any experience in that field and go with that.

Patience...Patience...And More, More Patience

Blogging is not the quickest way to get money. There it needs more time. So be patient all the time and not quit blogging on the way.

No Copy Paste - Be Unique, Be Original 

The innovative Ideas To Start A Successful Blog
I am started blogging when i was studying at 9th standard. At that time my concept is that, when after creating a website, then if someone enters into my website, then i will get paid. maybe many of them often think like that. From that concept, from that beginning and am too running to the high.. (All are blogging students, no one is expert).  I created 2 blogs and started copy pasting from other websites and its very fun to copy pasting which is very simple(that's my passion at that time :-P). But it will not reach you anywhere, and i quit blogging at that time and restarted after a long

Optimize Everything You Know About SEO

The innovative Ideas To Start A Successful Blog

SEO is known as search engine optimization and you have to study more and more about SEO and do effective blogging.

Buying Custom Domain Name

You will have bigger benefits while owning a custom domain name. It will rank higher in search engine and your readers will think you are serious in blogging and you will get more shares.

So these are the few very tips told you about shortly because of the lack of time to write.
Anyway, i will write very deeply about this topic if you are interested and required.
If you want to write a detail full guide about money making tips while doing blogging, then show your response by commenting below...

Posted By: Unknown on Monday, February 29, 2016

Sunday, February 28, 2016

How To Crash Your Smartphone With A Click

Hey Guys, after posting about ways to earn some bucks online, today i am gonna show you a trick to prank your friends, which is not a prank will frighten your all friends (sometimes you may get   beaten :-P ).

Its all up to you. I here to tell you a trick to crash your friends android phone, or windows and mac desktop very easily without having any coding or technical knowledge.
For this , you only requires a step. Just send the link of the web address we provide and send it to the victim. All done.

All Set. Simple !!

Before telling about this, first of all i want to tell you that dont try it on your android phone or smartphone. Because it may affect badly to your self by falling on a dig hole created by yourself.
Also take care while browsing internet and social medias, Because these like links are available widely. They are using URL shorteners for the the unknown detection of this script and link. In social media many links are widely spread which redirects the users to this script and hang their smartphone or desktop PC.

Am Eagerly Waiting, Tell Me What's The Link!!

The link which you want to send it to the users is:-

                            Crashandroid .com - For Android

Crashsafari .com  - For Mac/Iphone Users (Windows users too)

Wait..Wait..Read It Completely To Know The Impact

Crash Your Friends Smartphone And PC With A Just Click
These websites loads a java script automatically when we open this website which overloads the victim web browser with infinite numbers. Its very effective and too much impressive also its very danger. So beware about it carefully.

This website was created by a 22 year old boy who works in application security, he was not actually created this code for any unwanted misuse purpose. He only aims to check whether how web browsers detect this code and manipulate its odd code. When it was created, his colleagues and other  strangers too spreading this link to everyone taking advantage as for misusing.

Warning: Dont click on the link provided by us, it will crash your own android phone or PC.

Read it:- 

Can You Pls Tell Me To Overcome From This Crash/Hack

Yeah, i have the answer for it.. Every questions in this world have answers.
Simply just put your phone in AIRPLANE Mode to stop the continuous adding of entries.
So, i hope you understand what i told. So prank your friends (carefully)

Hope your valuable comments are waiting eagerly..

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Posted By: Unknown on Sunday, February 28, 2016

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Top 10 Ways To Make Money Online In 2016

Top 10 Ways To Make Money Online In 2016

In olden generation, when we hear about making money through online is an amazing and even some peoples dont believe that internet will give income through online.
 In present generation, we changed a lot... and a lot... People started to understand the knowledge of making money program. Today we can generate a descent income as working as a part time job. Some peoples even quite their primary income source and concentrated on money making through online and making a huge successful income. Peoples are considering online income as the primary source and focusing on internet works.

I am writing this post for all beginners and enthusiasts who would like to earn income through online. By implementing some strategy we can achieve success. As a beginner you will may fall down as like a child learning to drive cycling.. stand up and drive again and again until we drive without falling. There is no failure, only the step to the success.

There are thousands of ways in internet to make some bucks. we are bringing some Top 10 Ways To Make Money Online in 2016. You may not follow others way of making money, follow which way suits you best and go through it.

Before telling you about the best ways, you must order and accept below points. Otherwise you ll not reach anywhere.

So try to do the best with the points.

  • Patience, must have a lot of patience. Hard work only with patience.
  •  Focus on your work, Forget the result, It will happen...
  •  Researching much about the way you do to make it success
  •  Prepare well
  •  Make fixed time for working online and have a good time table for it.

Ok, we can start the learning process.

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Wait..Wait... We Want To Ask Some Questions

#1. Can we make money over a night through online?

Firstly i told you about the patience. Making money through online is not the quickest way to earn. You have to hard work properly do much as you can. You have to wait sometime, we cannot make money mostly over a night.Its like a step up process, when we going up and up, we stands higher and increase income. Only i want to tell is Focus on your

work, income will come.

#2. How much will i earn through online?

It depends on upon your work. The more you work, the more you earn. So do hard work.

#3. Does this requires any investment?

No, not at all.. There are some programs which they want to invest something to start. But i am gonna tell you

the free ways without any investment to make money online. So dont worry, All you need is an internet connection and

your hard work.

Enough, Tell Me Best Ways Suits For Me

1. Start A Blog/Website And Make Money Online

Blogging is the best way to make earn money. Through blogging you can earn relationship, improve your language , make some pocket money or big...big pocket money. Here i am too making some money through it.
You will be the CEO of your blog and no one will lead you, you lead your way and satisfy the needs of your readers.If you can achieve to turn your visitors into your readers, that will be your success. You can whatever topic you want to blog, it all up to your thoughts. Make some traffic and advertise your blog , then money will fall from your website like money growing tree. If you are interested in blogging, then i will update a full series post about making a successful blog, wait for my update. You can sign up through Google 's website.

2. Affiliate Marking - The Second Best Way To Earn

Affiliate Marketing Make Money Online
This is the second best way to earn money, earnings will be double if you have a blog too. Through this method, you have to refer someone by a product that we want to sale. We will get a share from that product sale. Thus the principle of Affiliate marketing. Will update more about Affiliate marketing on the coming posts.

Read This:- 

3. Make Money When Someone Downloads Your File

This we call PPD ( Pay Per Download) , through this method when someone downloads your file you will earn some dollars. But the downloader have to complete a short survey to download it. After completing a survey by the downloader you will earn money from that. You will get a link to share, share it anywhere and when someone downloads, these sites will pay you. The more download, the more you earn. Fileice.Net  is the best website to make it, Go Forward..

4. Make Money By Clicking And Viewing Ads

This is the another best way to earn by viewing ads. But it will make money very slow, by referring others you can earn much from it, you have to invest lot of time in it for maximum earnings. Clixsense is the best in this choice

5. Make Money Through Freelancing

Freelancing is the oldest and good way to earn descent income. You only have some talent and writing skill..Then surely others will hire you for your work.Choose some of the sites to register for it. Freelancer, Odesk, Guru, Elance

6. Make Money By Completing Paid Surveys 

This is is the effortless and easiest way to make some money without doing much hard work. You have to complete some surveys and earn much as you can for completing it. You have to register and do by completing survey. register with Surveypaid. com

7. Selling Your E-Books

By selling your E-books created by you, you can earn a good income. If you are expert in any knowledge, then you can ear a huge amount of money if your E-book goes viral.

8.  Make Income Through CPA

It is similar to Affiliate marketing, but its very easy comparing to it. You will earn cost per sale in affiliate marketing , but in CPA the visitors may submit their information, you may get paid.

9. Writing quality articles to make money

If you have the potential to write, but dont know how to maintain a blog or didn't have much time for blogging, then by guest posting you can earn by writing articles to other fellow bloggers. There are many bloggers who pays for their guest bloggers.

10. More Ways, More Income

You can do simple data entry works, captcha typing works, email reading jobs, app downloading  and much more and more ways you can earn money from Internet.

So these are the best top 10 ways, now decide yourself what to choose and which opts you best.If you have any doubts regarding this topic or you need to know more about the ways, then comment below, surely i will reply with much details, Readers satisfactions is the success strategy of this blog.Only one thing is to all beginners again, Focus On Your Work , Forget The Result , It Will Happen...Surely Happen !!

Do Read:- 

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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Mini Militia Android Game 2016 Hack For Unlimited Ammo, Pro Pack ,Battle Points, Health

Hi guys. After a long.... I'm back with another hack found out by me in 2016.
Doodle Army 2 : Mini Militia is an awesome game,You can play Local Multiplayer through WiFi and Online. Here is an Hack for Offline or Local Multiplayer playing. Yeah. Kill them all :P
This is a Battle Points Hack. With this you can purchase almost everything from Mini Militia store (No you can't get Upgrade pack)
I Found this post from our website Trickygamespot

Pro Player Hack

Finally its here. The Hack you all have been waiting for. 

Now you can hack mini militia and get pro pack. Just follow the following steps and purchase and get pro pack for free


1.Lucky Patcher v. 6.0 + 

 Click here to Download 

2.Mini Militia. 

3.Root Access 

Steps :-

1.Open Lucky Patcher and grand root access 

2.Find Mini Militia and navigate in its options 
Open menu of patches > in app emulation > press ok and wait > launch when its done

3.Now open Mini Militia and go to Upgrade and select Purchase a small window will pop up then press Yes and You have successfully purchased Pro Pack. 


In this method we are using titanium Backup of my mini militia pro pack. I used the above method when i had the chance. But some say its not working 

Here's what you need 

1.Titanium Backup 

2. Root explorer 

3. Backup file (Click Here to Download

Steps :-

1.Unzip the downloaded file and copy them to your Titanium Backup folder

2. Open Titanium Backup and select mini militia

3. Restore data

Battle Points Hack

What you need:

1.Rooted Android
2.Any Root Explorer (ES File Explorer Recommended)
You Need to play One game online to start this hack. After that one game, turn your Net off and you're ready.
1.Open ES Explorer and Go to Root or "/"  or Device folder
2. Then navigate to data\data\com.appsomniacs(search to find this folder and open it)
3.In the folder open the folder "Shared Prefs"  and go to the file "Cocos2dxPrefsFile.xml"
4.Find the line
"LBKey.points" value= and change the value to how much battle points you need
For example
"LBKey.points" value="9999999"
Go back and Save the file
5.Force Stop Mini Militia and Restart the game. Make sure Internet connection is off
6.Now Head to store and Happy Shopping :)
You can also hack Experience and other values but they have no use while playing the game.

 Unlimited Ammo Hack

Today we are introducing Unlimited Ammo Hack for Mini Militia. So, No more Reloading :)

Before getting on to this, I hope that you have checked our previous Mini Militia hacks.They are awesome 

So here's what you need for Ammo Hack 

1)Rooted android and Basic knowledge 

2)Game Guardian (Click Here to Download)

Steps :-

1. Open Game Guardian and grand root access then press start. Then you will see a shield icon floating in the middle of the screen 

2. Open Mini Militia and start the game

3.Get the value of how many bullets are left 

(50 bullets as per my screen shot below)

4.Press on the shield and select mini militia from the app

5.Select ' Known ' Button and enter the value of bullets left (50 in my case) and select type as ' Auto ' and Search

6.Now go back to game by pressing (X) button on top right

7.Now fire a couple of rounds and get the new value of bullets left.

8.Press on the shield and press ' Known'  and Search the new value

9.Repeat this until you have 2 results left.

10.When there is 2 results left press on the ellipsis(…)button and press Edit all

11.Now enter the value ( number of bullets)
Note: always enter an even number. You can also tick freeze button if you want to freeze the value. Then press Yes and select Word from the list that Pops Up
(Here i have entered 999 as value and frozen it)

12.Now go back to the game by pressing (X) button or back and start shooting :D

In case you want to increase the bullets of a different gun then press the shield and go to ellipsis (…) and press Clear all and Search for the new value 

Unlimited Points And Experience Hack

What you need

1.Rooted Android
2.Any Root Explorer (ES File Explorer Recommended)

You Need to play One game online to start this hack. After that one game, turn your Net off and you're ready.
1.Open ES Explorer and Go to Root or "/"  or Device folder
2. Then navigate to data\data\com.appsomniacs(search to find this folder and open it)
3.In the folder open the folder "Shared Prefs"  and go to the file "Cocos2dxPrefsFile.xml"
4.Find the line
"LBKey.points" value= and change the value to how much battle points you need
For example
"LBKey.points" value="9999999"
Go back and Save the file
5.Force Stop Mini Militia and Restart the game. Make sure Internet connection is off
6.Now Head to store and Happy Shopping :)
You can also hack Experience and other values but they have no use while playing the game.
For Those lazy People out there ;)
Here is the file with all Hacks applied

(Click Here to Download )

This includes
#Battle Points Hack
#All Items from store purchased ( except upgrade pack)
# Enjoy new Post -  Commander in Chief (Maximum)
#Skills set to 99
#Total Kills to 999999
Values may change when you go Online but the purchased items will stay.
Paste downloaded file at \data\data\com.appsomaniacs.da2\shared_prefs\Cocos2dxPrefsFile.xml
If the file already exists. Replace it ;)

Costume Hack

Warning : This awesome Hack will drive you Crazy

Doodle Army 2 : Mini Militia is an awesome game. Its multiplayer features enables us to enjoy that game and the usual blah blah blah.
Lets cut the crap :P

I hope you guys liked our previous Mini Militia hack. If you are new to this, we recommend you to check it out.

 Click here to check it  

What's New in this Update? 

In this update we have finally managed to give you some of features of pro pack. So lets call it the PRO PACK HACK. Its main feature is pro pack costumes.

This hack features the following costumes (Handcrafted and Named by us)

1. Cheguevara
2. Ghost Commander
3. Captain Cool
4. The Mad Scientist
5. Lady Terror
6. Made in China
7. Noobie Reloaded
8. Rebel
9. Sad Santa
10. Snow Guard
11. The Terrorist

This update includes the previous update contents. So don't worry if you missed the old one.

Lets take a look at the costumes


2.Ghost Commander

3.Captain Cool

4.The Mad Scientist

5.Lady Terror

6.Made In China

7.Noobie Reloaded


9.Sad Santa

10.Snow Guard

11.The Terrorist

How to use it

1.You need Root

2.Android Phone

3.ES Explorer (Recommended) or any other root explorer

4.Basic knowledge to use a Rooted android

5.Costume Pack (Click Here to Download)


1.Open and Extract downloaded Costume pack.

2.Open the costume folder that you want

3.Copy the file

4.In ES Explorer,Go to Root or "/"(You can see this(" /") symbol in the while clicking left of the top address bar) or Device folder ( Grand root access if you haven't done it earlier - Left Sidebar - Root explorer)

5.Then navigate to data\data\com.appsomniacs(search to find this folder and open it)

6.In the folder open the folder "Shared Prefs"  and go to the file "Cocos2dxPrefsFile.xml"

7.Long press and delete the Cocos file and paste the copied Costume file

8.Force Stop Mini Militia and Restart the game. Make sure Internet connection is off

Special thanks to Shamnad for helping me with this hack

Enjoy my guyzz, with these tricks.... Have A Blast Day ;-)

Posted By: Unknown on Sunday, February 21, 2016

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