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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Best 20 Android Apps Used By Hackers For Hacking In 2016

Good Morning All,
Here is the top awesome 20 android hacking apps 2016 that hackers used for pentesting, hacking, wifi hacking, Facebook, whatsapp testing and security attacking from android , Download the apps given in the article.

Android Apps Used By Hackers For Hacking

1. AndroRAT :

AndroRAT is used for android devices for remote administration. Basically, Remote Administration tool is a client server application which helps in controlling the system without having access to physical part of the system.

2. SpoofApp:

SpoofApp helps in spoofing calls with any caller ID number. You will receive a free5 minute Spoofcard if you are installing it a first time. With the help of SpoofCards which are sold separately, we can SpoofCall. Many other features are included as: Voice changer that can change your voice. It also has the feature that you can record the whole conversation. This app is very useful and works on all Android devices. It is also a safe and virus free app.

3. Whatsapp Sniffer:

Whatsapp Sniffer , Basically is a great famous android hacking app . With the use of this app, You can hack Whatsapp chats, pictures , videos, audios of your friends who are using you wi-fi hotspot. While using this tool, disable your antivirus as antivirus has the capability to detect this app.

4. APK Inspector:

APK Inspector is used for Reverse Engineering. It is a succeeful GUI tool to analyze the android applications. With this, you can easily fetch the source code of any android application. This app helps to visualise compiled android packages and corresponding DEX codes in order to remove license and credits.

5. Wi-Fi Kill:

With this app, You can disable the connection of a person who is using Wi-Fi netwok. You can disable any device connected in the same Wi-Fi in which you are connected too. While using this app, make sure your phone is rooted and you can easily kick other user from Wi-Fi.

6. DroidSheep:

Droidsheep allows the same process as done in facebook hacking you get lots of questions. It allows us to catch social account by hijacking sessions on the android devices present in your network. Hijacking sessions requires knowledge about how session hijacking works read on W-fi. This app is mainly used for security analysis. It has the capability to detect Arp-Spoofing on the network, Faceniff and other software.

7. Eviloperator

This app automatically connects two person in a phone call making them feel that they called each other. A good thing is you can record and save the conversation.


Zanti is the best hacking app for android devices. It covers almost all security tools related to hacking any Wi-Fi networks. This is one of the best and favourite tool for hacking of android devices present in your network.
9.Shark for Root:
This app is mainly for a traffic sniffer for android devices. BY the use of this app, you can sniff any network and can collect lots of data and information from any Wi-Fi network. It runs on 3G and Wi-Fi and also in Froyo tethered mode.
10. AnDOSid:
AnDOSid is a tool designed for security Professionals for performing Denial of Service attack. Denial of Service attack is carried out on websites or web serves using android devices.


Nessus considered as the world’s most famous vulnerability scanner, used by over 75,000 organizations worldwide. Nessus is a inclusive vulnerability ssoftware used basically for scanning. Its main goal is to note potential vulnerabilities on the tested systems such as few common passwords, default passwords on some system accounts or misconfiguration or denial of service attack against the TCP/IP stack by the use of crushed packets.

12. FaceSniff :

facesniif is a hacking app particularly used to sniif facebook Id over the same Wi-Fi network. It also helps you to catch the email address and password connected to the same Wi-Fi network. It too has many features : Blogger , Twitter , Tumblr, and many more online accounts. This app comes with paid version But also their are many cracked versions on internet.


AppUse satnds for Android Pentesting Platform Unified Standalone Environment. This virtual machine was developed by Appsec Labs. It is unique and free platform independent for mobile application security testing done on android devices.

14. NMAP for Android Nmap ( Network Mapper)

Nmap runs on all major types of operating system specially console and graphical versions. Nmap is basically a free and open source benefit for network research and security inspection. Its usefulness is also carried out by many systems and administrators for their tasks such as network monitory, managing service , upgrade schedules and many more. It main purpose in designing is to scan large networks rapidly but works fine against single hosts.

15.Network Spoofer :

Network Spoofer is an android hacking app that allows you to change the website on other person’s computer from your Android Mobile. This app declares you how much vulnerable the home network is.

16. Droidsqli:

This app is particularly used for hacking websites. Using this app, you can hack website through the sqli attack method. It can also hack the admin username and password easily.

17. inSSider:

InSSider is an app that carries out hidden WiFi in you area . It also carries out hidden SSid WiFi signal and also find out low range wifi signal present in your area. If Some smart wifi is living in your area then they set hidden SSid through which  you can’t see wifi name normally on your phone .

18. Penetrate Pro

 Penetrate Pro app is particularly used to hack passwords of Some routers. It calculates WPA/ WEP security keys for the routers.

19) Hackode

It’s a toolbox for hackers. Hackode is an application made for ethical hackers, IT administrator , Security analysis and cyber security professional. It includes many features as DNS Dig, Google Dorks, Whois, Ping etc.

20) WPScan

We all know that the wordpress is one of the most famous CMS and is being run by millions of websites. So in that case, WPscan is vulnerable scanner of wordpress for android devices.

Note:- This article is for knowledge and the apps shouldn’t be used for illegal activities, i am not responsible for anything happen to you.
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