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Sunday, February 28, 2016

How To Crash Your Smartphone With A Click

Hey Guys, after posting about ways to earn some bucks online, today i am gonna show you a trick to prank your friends, which is not a prank will frighten your all friends (sometimes you may get   beaten :-P ).

Its all up to you. I here to tell you a trick to crash your friends android phone, or windows and mac desktop very easily without having any coding or technical knowledge.
For this , you only requires a step. Just send the link of the web address we provide and send it to the victim. All done.

All Set. Simple !!

Before telling about this, first of all i want to tell you that dont try it on your android phone or smartphone. Because it may affect badly to your self by falling on a dig hole created by yourself.
Also take care while browsing internet and social medias, Because these like links are available widely. They are using URL shorteners for the the unknown detection of this script and link. In social media many links are widely spread which redirects the users to this script and hang their smartphone or desktop PC.

Am Eagerly Waiting, Tell Me What's The Link!!

The link which you want to send it to the users is:-

                            Crashandroid .com - For Android

Crashsafari .com  - For Mac/Iphone Users (Windows users too)

Wait..Wait..Read It Completely To Know The Impact

Crash Your Friends Smartphone And PC With A Just Click
These websites loads a java script automatically when we open this website which overloads the victim web browser with infinite numbers. Its very effective and too much impressive also its very danger. So beware about it carefully.

This website was created by a 22 year old boy who works in application security, he was not actually created this code for any unwanted misuse purpose. He only aims to check whether how web browsers detect this code and manipulate its odd code. When it was created, his colleagues and other  strangers too spreading this link to everyone taking advantage as for misusing.

Warning: Dont click on the link provided by us, it will crash your own android phone or PC.

Read it:- 

Can You Pls Tell Me To Overcome From This Crash/Hack

Yeah, i have the answer for it.. Every questions in this world have answers.
Simply just put your phone in AIRPLANE Mode to stop the continuous adding of entries.
So, i hope you understand what i told. So prank your friends (carefully)

Hope your valuable comments are waiting eagerly..

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Team SB
Posted By: Ramees Kaztro



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