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Monday, February 29, 2016

The Innovative Ideas To Start A Successful Blog

The innovative Ideas To Start A Successful Blog
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                Wishing you a pleasant day, Today i am decided to tell you the innovative ideas and complete guide to stand up your blog in a successful position and blog like pro blogger.
As you know, this my first post about blogging and i wish you tell my experiences and ideas i got from my life to make you learn from it.

I gonna write you a long story about the tips and tricks for all beginners and newbies who dont know much about blogging. To be frank, no one needs and skill for starting a blog, you have to learn and achieve experiences and do mistakes as you can.

If Someone Didn't Make Any Mistakes In His Life, Then He Will Not Tried Anything New - Albert Einstein 

All of us makes mistakes a lot while starting time at anything. So be positive and have greater confidence to overcome and win in any mistakes and climb upon higher and higher as much as you can.

Give Me Some Confidence

Blogging is like fruit giving tree. At the beginning we plant it, we have to properly care very carefully, stay with it always and do proper watering and giving sufficient fertilizers for getting successful yield. If we add too much fertilizers, it will be harm to it. So apply to efficiently not too much. In the growing time we have to check whether any other pesticides are not affected by it, if it is.. do proper remedies. After growing up, then the tree will give you the yield as fruits.

As like considering Blogging as fruit giving tree, we too treat blogging as like that. Mostly all of them do start blogging to make some money and getting higher and higher profit. But we have to care like a child and do not think about the profit or money at the very beginning. After getting your blog to a good position then think about money and do for money.

In a Malayalam film, Jayasurya actor told:- Focus On Your Work, Forget The Result, It Will Happen!!
I like this principle very much, and i did like to tell you all. Focus on your blogging work, forget about money, surely it will come to you.

Am Empowered, Now Teach Me The Guide !!

Blogging Is Not For Money ,  For Your Passion 

First thing i have to tell is that, we should not think about money making process while blogging. That thinking will not reach you anywhere. Think about your passion. Only do blogging if you have the interest in doing blogging finding fun with that, if No, then you cant make your blog to anywhere.
There are so many failure bloggers ho didn't have the passion and doing started blogging without having any interest, only thinking about money. So, go with you passion, if it is blogging...Then do blogging,..

Choosing The Correct Topic/Niche For Your Blog

While starting blog, you should think twice and select a good topic which you have any knowledge or any experience in that field and go with that.

Patience...Patience...And More, More Patience

Blogging is not the quickest way to get money. There it needs more time. So be patient all the time and not quit blogging on the way.

No Copy Paste - Be Unique, Be Original 

The innovative Ideas To Start A Successful Blog
I am started blogging when i was studying at 9th standard. At that time my concept is that, when after creating a website, then if someone enters into my website, then i will get paid. maybe many of them often think like that. From that concept, from that beginning and am too running to the high.. (All are blogging students, no one is expert).  I created 2 blogs and started copy pasting from other websites and its very fun to copy pasting which is very simple(that's my passion at that time :-P). But it will not reach you anywhere, and i quit blogging at that time and restarted after a long

Optimize Everything You Know About SEO

The innovative Ideas To Start A Successful Blog

SEO is known as search engine optimization and you have to study more and more about SEO and do effective blogging.

Buying Custom Domain Name

You will have bigger benefits while owning a custom domain name. It will rank higher in search engine and your readers will think you are serious in blogging and you will get more shares.

So these are the few very tips told you about shortly because of the lack of time to write.
Anyway, i will write very deeply about this topic if you are interested and required.
If you want to write a detail full guide about money making tips while doing blogging, then show your response by commenting below...

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Posted By: Ramees Kaztro
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