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Monday, March 14, 2016

Effective Way To Hack Windows Password Very Easily

How To Hack Windows Password Very Easily Using Ophcrack
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In today's article we gonna learn you to become a small hacker to hack someone's windows 7 password using Ophcrack software. This is a new hacking tool which allows you to hack your windows password by recovering it. This software will works on all version of windows such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista Etc.

 Also it comes with GUI and which runs on multiple OS like Linux, Mac too. Through this tutorial you ll learn on the topic How To Hack Windows, Mac , Linux Password Using Ophcrack Software/Tool. We are providing today the process of learning to hack password of windows only. But you can also use this tool to hack other OS Linux And MAC for hacking password.

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How To Hack Windows Password Using Ophcrack Tool


 OphCrack Live CD  - You need a blank CD or DVD to write and burn the Ophcrack live image.

You can download it from here

#1. Download the suitable Windows OS version live cd for hacking. If you are using Windows 7, then download Ophcrack Windows 7 Live CD else if you are using Windows XP then download the Ophcrack live CD for that version. It depends upon you.

#2. After downloading it, simply burn the live image of Ophcrack tool to the blank CD or DVD.

#3. Now insert the burnt disc into the computer which you want to hack and restart your computer

#4. And after restarting,you see a blank screen.

#4. Press Enter to boot to Ophcrack or it will automatically boots into it.

#5. You ll see something some operations going through your window screen with several lines of codes.You have to wait sometime to complete it. So be patient.

#6. Now you ll see the Ophcrack password recovery window and if you see "EMPTY" word anywhere on the screen, then you don't need to worry. You can now login without entering any password.


#7. After that copy that hash value which you can see under NT hash field section.

You cannot see the password directly using this tool. You need to decrypt that hash value.

For that we are using an online tool to transforming the Hash value to Password.

#8. So Click this Link to Open the Website , Crackstation.Net , this is an online tool for decrypting the value.

#9. Paste that Hash value which you have copied in the previous step in the box, solve the captcha code and click on Crack or press enter.

#10. Bingo!! You will get the password  right there.

Completed the tutorial Of Hacking Windows Password Using Ophcrack Tool Easily

Hope you got the idea of hacking method to hack  Windows 7 or Windows XP password by using Ophcrack. Please consider using this tool for only any self help or for any type of educational purposes. Dont misuse this software for any type of hacking purposes. Also be alert and secure PC from other hackers. Good Luck..

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