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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

How To Keep Your Children Safe From Adult Content

How To Keep Your Children Safe From Adult Content
          Living in today's fastest generation, all are being busy doing their work. They dont have even time to care their children. Therefore our children will do their hobby times and free time by surfing internet always, in a private room. But, there are some of them are misusing it. In wide spreading source on internet, whatever you want, internet will give and bring in our hands. Doing a good genuine search results too, we end up showing some adult content or ads, which leads our children to big trouble and ruin their life.  Research tells, most of the children mostly teenagers are addicted to adult content and like to view it. This mind tapping got from internet, due to these problems.

Therefore the teenagers are searching on the internet for adult content and it is not possible all the times to keep an eye on the children.
So we bring you the best methods to block the adult sites from your computer or any other.
There are many software's available in the internet to block adult content. But most of them are crowded with advertisements and hang your PC.

On contrary to that , here we bring you the free and best methods to block adult content, effectively.

#1. Put Your Google Safe Search Method ON

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Most of us are using google for searching anything. So by blocking adult content through google will saves a lot. By turning on the google safe search, google will prevent opening adult content sites on the internet.

How To Enable It

  • Go and Open Google Safe Search
  • On the filters tab, tick the box showing " Filter explicit results to filter sexually explicit images and videos from Google Search results page "
  • Save it and take a deep breath

Do Read:- 

#2. DNS ANGEL - Free Software (Without Ads)

It is a free software which block the adult content on the whole internet while surfing through your computer by blocking the 3 DNS in your address. The advantage of this website is it will also block malicious websites, malware and phishing websites along with adult content websites. This software is very clean and easy to use, No technical experience is required any one can activate very simply.
Although it is portable software and without installing this on computer, you can block the websites.

If something goes wrong, you can restore it back to original state withiin a click. So dont worry.

You can download this software very easily.

Can You Pls Show Me Screenshot While Opening An Adult Content

Sure, whenever we opens an adult content website, this software automatically blocks the accessing to the particular site by showing a warning page,

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