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Saturday, March 26, 2016

How To Remove Trojan Horse Virus From Your PC Easily

How To Remove Trojan Horse Virus From Your PC Easily
What is a Trojan horse and the tips and tricks to remove the Trojan virus from your computer very easily. Go through the post and you ll cover all topics.

You may wonder how the virus called Trojan Horse, the most influential virus among named Trojan Horse.  Many of them may affected by this virus in their computer. The viruses can enter our computer through various ways such as through internet, downloading, external drives, installing some effected software's and applications etc.

These viruses have the ability to slow down your PC very effectively and even able to hijack our secure data. That's the specialty of these viruses. The Trojan horse are one of the most dangerous viruses ever and can harm our computer a lot.

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Trick To Remove Trojan Horse Virus From Your PC

These viruses can also multiple your files and documents itself. We can see a duplicate of the folders and files, this because of the attack of these viruses. If a virus can create a text editor which can access any location of the computer and also can put the files in a particular location through these text editor, then the virus surely will be Trojan Horse. The main motto of this virus is that, it can modify and edit any data on the affected computer without any permission or authentication.

Easy Methods To Remove Trojan Horse Virus From Your Computer

Just follow the below steps and you can successfully remove the Trojan Horse computer virus.

Method #1. Removing The Unsafe Programs.

This method is very simple. Only you need a common sense at all. You need to go through the installed programs on your PC and note the software or any program which has been not installed by you.
If it is found, then Uninstall these program and restart your PC.

For this, Go to Control Panel >> Uninstall Program

You can see a dramatic improve in your PC performance after uninstalling the program.

Method #2. Through Registry Edit

1. Simply Press Win Key + R and Run dialogue box appears.

2. Then type "regedit" and press Enter

3. After that click on "HKEY_CURRENT_USER" >> "Software" >> "Microsoft" >> "Windows" >> "Current Version" >> "Run".

Then have a look at the suspected software's there and search it on Google. Then you can understand the full details of the program and if you found it is Trojan Horse virus. Then simply uninstall it.

4. Scan Through An Updated Anti-Virus

You can easily remove the Trojan viruses using the up to date antiviruses. Nowadays anti viruses have the ability to remove completely these viruses from your computer. You can also use any anti-malware or anti-spyware, If you don't have any virus, then simply download and install these virus.

5. Scan Through Safe Mode

If you really want to get rid of Trojan Horse viruses, then must do these method. You just login into Safe Mode by restarting your PC.Then simply perform a full scan through Safe Method.


These are the simply and easy methods to completely remove Trojan Horse virus from your PC. Here we completed the topic about How To Remove Trojan Horse Virus From Your Computer. A simple tip from me is that always install and perform an antivirus scan while copying or uninstalling something on your PC. I hope you enjoyed this post and i would expect your valuable comments here below.

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