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Friday, March 11, 2016

Powerful Ways To Hack WhatsApp Account In 2016

Powerful Ways To Hack WhatsApp Account In 2016

In olden days Facebook is he widest and most popular social networking site to connect with your friends and to communicate with each other. But now everything has changed a lot. We too changed our mindset and passion. Now the most spread and widest using communication app is the Whatsapp. Considering this, hackers turned their primary hacking methods from facebook to Whatsapp already. Now they are adopting many ways to to hack whatsapp account. When considering about Whatsapp it is the best ever app with most ever security systems with best in class encryption system. Because of the absence of logging system like Facebook there is no best chance for hacking accounts using these methods by using the forgot password method.

How Hackers Used To Hack WhatsApp Account In 2016

Hackers are like the scientists. They finds an another way when the one of the door closes. So they now adopting new ways and methods for hacking Whatsapp account.
In previous posts i have shared some new about hacking,

You can check it here,

So, today we are discussing about the topic How hackers hacks your facebook account by these methods.

In simple i will tell you. There is no any tool or hacking method for hacking any type of account such as facebook or whatsapp or any social networking website by simply typing their victim email id or phone number or username. When we search it on Google for the topic "Hack Facebook Account" you will see a huge list of website which offers they will hack your victims accounts by simply entering their username or email id. These all are rubbish and all are fake. you will be in trouble while using it and you will be the victim for their hacking without knowing anything.

Let me will publish a post about detaily and simple and powerful tool which i already have. Wait for my future posts or simply comment your interest for posting it early.

And also be in mind that we are not safe in this world. And anything is impossible here, all are possible by their hard effort. So live with that and anytime anything will happen. Be aware about and not having too much over confidence.

Tell Me The Ways How Hackers Hacks Your Whatsapp Account

Yeah, i am on the way, below we will discuss about the best and top powerful hacking ways hackers can hack your whatsapp account.

How To Hack Hack Whatsapp Account In 2016 By Hackers

#1. Locating The Whatsapp Backup File Location

This is the best and tricky method used by most hacker for hacking their victims whatsapp account. This can be simply done using any file manager. And we can copy the backup file location to external SD card or anywhere. But we cant read it in normal as it is highly encrypted for reading it. You cant read it normal way. But all will have a solution. It can be extracted using some online tools or using software's and all your chats will be read by the hackers and they simply hacked your Whatsapp chats without knowing. But the vulnerability of this hacking is that the physical access of your smartphone by the hackers. This is the only chance for getting hacked by the hackers. So be alert make your whatsapp and file manager always locked with some android lockers.

File Location o your Whatsapp backup data is - (/sdcard/WhatsApp/Databases/msgstore.db.crypt)

make it protected with some locker apps.

#2. Hacking Whatsapp Chat Using The Backup Option

Whatsapp have the another vulnerability for allowing the hackers to send your chat complete backup data. And comparing the first method this is simple for hackers and no need of technical knowledge. This is favorite method i hacked and read some confidential chats of my friends hihi :-P
Another advantage of using this method this chat backup are saved in the external SD card or anywhere as plain text and no need to be decrypted by using anything. Also they can send it to their email as a plaint text and they can simply read your Whatsapp chats as in plain texts.

#4. Spoofing The Whatsapp Mac Address

Another specialty of whatsapp security side is no one can use the same whatsapp account in two or multiple phone. If you verify your mobile number on another phone, then you will logged out from the olden phone. These are identified by using the default MAC address of the smartphone. Every smartphone comes with a unique MAC address like IMEI code and they cant be changed normally. So when the hackers changing their smartphone MAC address as same as the victims MAC address by using some rooted apps to change it, then he can able to log in to the victims whatsapp account along with the victim uses it on his smartphone without knowing. This method could be some risky for all of us and be prepared to be hacked by someone and use whatsapp with caution.

I Am Frightened!! Can I Have Any Solutions To Prevent This Hacking?

Unfortunately in normal there is no permanent way to stop this hacking method. All you can do is only hands on your whatsapp to your friends in only with your presence and not allowed to give them unnecessarily. This could saves you a lot.

Also this hacking cant be done by a normal person, only experts can do it, by using a rooted android phone and some technical skills for changing the MAC address. So don't be frightened about this until you are not a celebrity or a famous person.

#4. Hacking Whatsapp Using WhatsDog

Hey, What is WhatsDog instead of Whatsapp. I didn't got it.

Let me explain and clear your doubt. WhatsDog is the new way of hacking, its an android application for spying our children or wife or anyone with the physical presence of our hands. However this app is not made for hacking purposes or illegal purposes. Just for tracking someone's whatsapp activity targeted for our children misusing it or sweethearts. But taking this as an advantage, the hackers take care of this app and use this for hacking purposes.
By using this app by installing the app invisibly in your android phone by them, then the hacker can simply track your all whatsapp activities using this method.

Don;t worry, this app is a paid version and serious hackers only will buy this by paying an huge amount. So someone will not use it and buy for hacking simple whatsapp account as you are a normal person.

So, these are best ever top hacking methods used by hackers for hacking someones whatsapp account by following these methods. So i am here presented these tricks only for educational purposes and for having you the knowledge about it and be safe from it. So don't use these methods for any illegal purposes. Be honest and Be Good.
Let me hear, if you have any doubts regarding this topic and put it in the below comment section.

If you want to post anything about the topic you want to, just put your mindset about the topic below comment box and we will look forward about your choice. Because you our King, I'll be with you always in all time in any way :-)

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