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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

selfBACK | The New App Which Helps You To Remove Back Pain

The New App Which Helps To Remove Back Pain Effectively
And finally its here, the Researches are still developing effectively and will reach into our phone. Why you got amazed by hearing the blog post title!! It's true and not a fake thing. They are developing an integrated new app along with a wrist band which helps very effectively to to all patients who suffering back pain. The main motto of this app is to help all the patients by giving and advising them proper exercise from the by scanning the person.

The name of the app is selfBACK

Backpain is the main issue and problem for all peoples who sitting regularly on while riving vehicles, or in a bank, or even sitting in front of computer and much more, also by working very hardly it may cause. You may suffered a back pain and you cant bend or walk normally or move simply, you will suffer a very crucial pain by this.

For this, the researches showing a way in the term of Artificial Intelligence. Its being Developed...

The professor from Norwegian University told, if it is worked , then all them have a cost- saving and effective solution from back pain. For the developing of this app €5 Million money has been invested for this. This app is based on the new technology "Artificial Intelligence" .

The researchers are doing their best and maximum effort to make this app by using cutting edge technology too.. They are working to make decision and support which the data will be connected with the wrist band and the mobile app.

The working principle of this app and technology is, the wristband will capture and collect the persons individual physical activities ,number of steps taken and even the heart rates too. After it the data is generated automatically from the wrist band and from the app, it will advice the patient to do the physical activities such sleeping etc.

It developed with AI ( Artificial Intelligence) along with open source code technology and it gathers all the vital data from the patient.The data collections get repeated on the basis of decision supporting system which automatically gives patience to do the guide and proper activities.

Also patience can able to look into and know why he doing these activities and how the methods are effective to cure the back pain. This all are gathered by the background info which is gathered by the wrist band.

The team consists with international researchers for the working of selfBACK app project to come it true.
If it comes true, this app will be very effective and beneficial to all patients who suffering back pain and also have an effective cost for money saving by this. We can hope for the best, Thank you..

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