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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Simplified Way To Schedule Your WhatsApp Messages

Simplified Way To Schedule Your WhatsApp Messages
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A lot of what's app tricks are updating daily on our google web day by day. Some are useful and some are non-useful. Here today i am going to bring a new trick to send messages to your friends or family by scheduling it for some time by using this method. So we bringing this method for all busy peoples on this world who don't have the enough time to chat with someone, so scheduling it fort automatically sending it after a fixed time. It's very easy to learn and implement it.

Whatsapp is a simple and modern platform to communicate with other persons in this world. It's very sad about hearing no one have the time to chat with someone, that's why you reading it :-P hihi .
Also you can do with this trick to Prank Your Friends By Automatically Sending Whatsapp Messages . It's a good method to make fun with your friends by fooling them by telling blah...blah..

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Plenty of methods are available for doing the same trick, but we bring you the simple and easiest way to do it. This trick will be very useful if are busy with some work and you want to send the message at a specific time automatically for some reasons, then you are on the right way.

The process of this method is that when you write the message on this app and setting a fixed time, by using the timer, the app will send the message to the Whatsapp server only at that time.
To Schedule Your Whatsapp Message For Sending Automatically On Android , just follow the steps below, i ll be with you.
Simplified Way To Schedule Your WhatsApp Messages

Before starting the step by step tutorial, you must know the pre-requirements for using this method.

Requirements For Using Whatsapp Scheduling App

  • The one and only main requirement for this method is that you have a rooted android phone for installing whatsapp scheduling whatsapp messages app.
  • Whatsapp Scheduling App:- Download It Here

Tell Me The Method For Scheduling Whatsapp Messages

Yeah, i am on the way actually, Let's start together.

Steps For Sending Whatsapp Messages Automatically After Sometime

#1. First step is to download and install the app we provided above with link, Whatsapp Scheduling Android App in your smartphone.

#2. After you done the first step, the second step is to open the Whatsapp scheduling app and it will ask for "Superuser grant permission". Just give the full access grant permission.

#3. Select the icon show with the picture of a pencil for creating a new message for sending it automatically.  Select the desired contact for sending the message after a specified time. After that set the schedule timing for sending the message. 
Simplified Way To Schedule Your WhatsApp Messages

#4. After all set, just click on "Add" button and it will automatically schedules the message for the desired contact and just sit and relax.

You can see the all pending messages scheduled for a specified time by clicking on the pending messages tab.
Simplified Way To Schedule Your WhatsApp Messages

Done!! Simple and clean method, right??

How To Send Whatsapp Messages Automatically , on this topic, we have all done the steps.
I hope your answer will be yes. Ok, you are ready with your scheduled message on your android app.
The message will be automatically send at the specific time you have set before and no need to worry about this. So if you are happy with the trick, then bring me a smile by sharing this tip to other on your social networking profile.

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