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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Top 10 Killer Ways To Boost Your iPhone Battery Life

Tips And Tricks To Boost And Increase Your iPhone Battery Life
Tips And Tricks To Boost And Increase Your iPhone Battery Life
Hey folks, iPhone!! What a master piece, don't you ever think about it. When we considering about premium smartphones, first in our mind will comes the brand new iPhone. That's the specialty of it's value. Nowadays the publicity of iPhone decreased a lot due to the launching new branded phones.

Everybody using smartphones, Battery draining is the ever issue faced by all. Nowadays Oppo introduced new VOOC technology to fully charge within minutes,you can check it here,

However considering iPhone, we are discussing the tips and tricks to boost and increase your iPhone battery for long lasting.

How To Increase iPhone Battery Life Effectively - Tips & Tricks

Only You Want To Do Is , Just Follow The Below Steps :)

Here are the best methods to long last your iPhone battery life for any type of iPhone such as iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, Iphone 6s Plus, iPhone SE (Special Edition)

The Top 10 Tricks To Boost iPhone Battery Backup

#1. Kill The Battery Draining Apps (Smart Method)

Check which apps are draining your iPhone battery. These apps will be the major cause for the quick draining of your battery. To check it,

Go to settings >> General >> Battery 
 then scroll down below and analyse the apps which consumes more power and drains fast in the last hours or in past days. Then you can see the list of apps which affects your battery life for easy draining. If the apps are un-necessary , then please uninstall it and see the huge difference after it. Some main battery draining apps are Facebook, Safari browser and other useless free recharge and advertisement apps.Try to remove maximum ad inbuilt apps for effective battery saving. Surely this will helps a lot.

#2. Facebook App - The Biggest Battery Drainer ( Killer )

We all using Facebook, and its the widest and biggest ever social networking website. Millions of peoples are using Facebook and most of them are installed the app for easy use. but the sad thing is, it is the biggest app drainer which results in draining your battery very much. It is known as Battery Monopolize in the iPhone OS. By uninstalling this , we can see the huge difference in battery draining problem.

Then, you may ask, How can i use Facebook after it? 

Answer: Try these methods.

Try to use Facebook messenger for easy chatting and for communications.
Use Facebook LITE app which consumes only less power (only- if you dont have any other choice)
Open Facebook in web browser such as UC Mobile Browser, Opera Mini as well.

So try the above methods, it will benefit to you. :-)

#3. Turning ON Low Power Power Mode ( Effective Method )

Well, in IOS 9 , it contains many inbuilt features for saving power and battery draining when its below 20%. When you are below 20% , the screen flashes to use Low Power Mode, which long last your battery for extra 3 hours , claimed by iPhone experts. It was reported by testing this method which results when we use normal mode at midnight and the battery goes to 17% and while using Low Power Mode, the battery drains very slowly and best battery backup with 49% charge.

How Can I Do This?

Simple, its not a technical side method...
For this, Go to Settings >> Battery >> Turn On Low Power Mode, Simple right!!

By turning on the low power mode, it will reduce the battery power consumption along with stop sync mail and also reducing background app refresh with automatic downloads too. So this will be very beneficial for you.

#4. Optimize Your iPhone Scren Brightness ( Battery Killer )

While considering iPhone 5s , it comes with 1136*640 pixel resolution which same as like MacbookAir 11 Inch (1136*640) and also the newest model iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s Plus have more resolution than it.

It means this model will consume high power to compete with this resolution. So its the own inbuilt another biggest battery killer. in iPhone , while we use at full brightness in normal mode, it long lasts only 6 hours and 20 minutes. While setting the screen brightness to half , it long lasts upto 9 hours and 45 minutes.

You got it !! whats the difference in it.

By adjusting your screen brightness you can saves a lot of battery consumption. By adjusting the slider so far to the left side, the more you saving your battery backup.
But it will be very difficult by setting in lowest screen brightness.
For this, by turning Auto Brightness ON , it will be very effective for you and saves a lot of charge by optimizing the battery.

#5. Auto Lock Your iPhone ( Simple Method )

While your screen is ON , it means that battery is draining by consuming the power. When you are not using your iPhone be sure to lock and turn of the screen. For this Auto Lock method is best for you.
in IOS 9 has the feature, that you can able to set Auto Lock your iPhone screen to 30 Seconds which is best and suitable for smart saving way.
Always try to turn of your immediately while not using, this will helps a lot by reducing the battery draining.

#6. Turn Your Airplane Mode ON For High Battery Backup ( Unique Method )

You may hear, this method first time.

You may think how can turning on the Airplane Mode saves battery life, what is the connection between battery and Airplane Mode? Confused!! 

Let me clear your doubt. Don't Worry. Be Smart :)

You don't know the fact that, in iPhone without using the phone too, battery too the battery will drains. You may thought about sometimes how it reduces the battery while i am not using phone (while at night).
In iPhone , Antenna is the one among the biggest killer of battery by it's default functioning. The Antenna will always scans the area for Wi-Fi and network signal. In low range signal for Wi-FI and network places it will use maximum power for getting more signals for his meal ;-) . When we carrying our phone from one network station to another network station area it will continuously searches the new signal.
So by turning On the Airplane Mode, while you are not using anything or you dont require any calls or anything such as for making and receiving calls, sending and receiving text messages , using mobile data , GPS then it will be very effective and beneficial for you long lasting very high your battery and increases your battery life a lot and a lot!!
By this, it will stops the nearby networks and WiFi. Its very easy to turn on the Flight Mode by swiping on the control panel and put on the Flight Mode on the left corner of the menu.
Cleared your confusion?? Right!!

#7. Extends A Little Bit By Turning Of WiFi ( Small Effective )

If you are using your phone only for making calls and texts and not using any internet or data anymore. Then its best and right choice to disable the WiFi for increasing your battery a little bit, By turning of, it will stop searching for the Wifi signals around the area and results consuming less power. Although, as i mentioned in the previous point, if you WiFi range very low and poor then it will consumes high power more than in normal for get and transmit the data between the phone and signal.

#8. Disabling Bluetooth Services (Tiny Battery Saver)

Bluetooth is also know as the battery killer which uses more power while you are not connected to any device. It will requires more power than in connected mode,, because same as above, it will scans for any Bluetooth device continuously and decreases battery.
You can turn of your Bluetooth by going to,
General >> Bluetooth >> Turn It Off.

#9. Turning The AirDrop To Of ( Battery Dropper )

Airdrop is the new iPhone service introduced in IOS 7 which requires Bluetooth for it. Airdrop helps us to send and receive any data such as video, photos, files, documents etc.. from nearby field by connection to nearby iPhone's. It's also considered the battery killer which eats the battery for connecting his energy.
To Turn it Of in the control Center which you can see the little difference as same like Bluetooth battery consumption.

#10. Turn You iPhone Volume Down ( Tricky Saver )

Now again you will be confused with it and it's very surprising to all that the putting your Volume high will drains more energy. While listening music , playing on high volume music will requires much battery while low volume only requires very less. Also switching to earphone mode and hearing music through headphone also saves the battery life.
Music Equalizer will costs a lot of energy, and my turning it of, saves your battery hungry.

For this, Go To Settings >> Music and Turn Of Equalizer to Of.

Bonus Method For Saving Battery Life 

  • Consider some apps which you may not use daily or frequently, then disable this app by Force Stopping, it will saves a lot energy by making these apps in sleep mode.

  • Try to use your iPhone data network in 2G mode, while in 3G it requires double power.

  • Uninstall some high end graphics games

  • Uninstall advertisement and free recharge apps which requires more and more power.

  • Try to use dark wallpapers which requires only less power while light color wallpapers requires more power to display.

And the last and biggest effective and smart method for saving the full battery is to,

 Switch OFF your iPhone and take a breathe :-P

Hope you understand these steps and tricks.. If you have any doubt regarding this topic you can ask me through below comment box also advice me if you have smart methods for saving battery, i will post it for you. :-)

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