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Friday, March 4, 2016

Top 5 Powerful Software's For Protecting Your Data

Best USB Encryption Tools For Protecting Data
Best USB Encryption Tools For Protecting Data

We Will provide a list of top and best USB encryption tools to secure your pen drive from losing data.

 Encryption means that your data will be more secure and protected than normal USB. In our today's world we living up with some security dangers and the data stored on the pen drive will lost by accessing strangers or opens the files which we keeps private needs. In normal, the files are openly saved on your pen drive. For protecting this, you can use  some software's to protect it by encrypting the files. This process is known as Encryption.
 Today we are mentioning some software's which works for encrypting files stored on your pen drive and also providing the link to download the software.
 Have a look at this.

 Most Popular USB Encryption Software's In 2016

 I have prepared a list of top 5 USB encryption software's which are very helpful and beneficial to you for protecting the unauthorized accessing of strangers or someone by encrypting it. By this they will protected itself until we unlock it by using password or pin given by you. Check below,

 USB Encryption Tools For Protecting Your External Device Data

 #1. Veracrypt Tool

 The high popular and top most tool in this category which encrypt your files with a powerful encryption. It will also enhance the security measures of the algorithms which is used for system partitioning and this encryption makes double protected also protects its from a new developments like brute force attacks etc. This tool is highly advisable and recommended to use.

 #2. StorageCrypt Tool

 This is an another great tool for encrypting the data from the USB drives which follows the best algorithm and security measures. Mostly its very difficult and almost impossible to crack this encryption files. Highly recommended for all and must use this tool.

#3. BitLocker Inbuilt Tool

 We have seen this below in My Computer section in Windows 7, Isn't it? You may have thought about it, what is it what's the purpose of using this software. Now you may got the complete structure of using these encryption software's.  Although this is the inbuilt feature in Windows 7 and will secure your files in Pen Drive without having any problematic problems.  For protecting normal files you must try this. For protecting highly confidential files, i may not recommend this. You may asks why?
 This is the inbuilt features comes with Windows version. So most of them will prefer to use this software, because don't have to download anything special for this. So the hackers will try and invented new methods and vulnerabilities for cracking password through Bit Locker. So for protecting highly confidential files or something i will not prefer this personally.

#4. Disk Cryptor Tool

 Its a free tool and open encryption for encrypting your data. This tool will encrypt all disk partitions along with the Windows system partition too. So you can also protect your files from your PC through this, which protects our personal data in the computer too and it's worth much.

 #5. GNU Privacy Guard Tool

 This tool is popular because you can actually use this tool to encrypt your files in he best and easy way. You can check this by downloading it experience it. Its the second best tool in this category to protect your data very secure.

These are the top most best and ever top 5 USB encryption tools used for encrypting data to secure your files stored on the pen drive. By using any of the above tool you can set your own password and secure you data effectively and protect itself from unauthorized accessing and from strangers.
If you have any doubts or suggestions regarding this topic, you can mention it below. You are my wealth 7 you are my worth. Love you all...

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