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Friday, April 1, 2016

How To Boost Your Smartphone Speed By Rooting

How To Boost Your Smartphone Speed By Rooting
How To Boost Your Smartphone Speed By Rooting

Boost and increase your android smartphone performance, speed and battery life by rooting and installing these apps. Speed up your android smartphone optimizing your android mobile phone.

Most of the peoples in the current world are smartphone users and they are addicted to them very deeply. There are many average persons in this world than rich peoples. They do buy smartphone's at the price of budget they can afford. So it seems to be low specifications and may feel lag and reduced performance while using it or running high data apps and high graphics games.

So, today we are with How To Increase Your Android Smartphone Performance after rooting. Me too a victim of that problem. So i researched overall internet and collected some apps that can bring you some increased performance and speed. This because by optimizing the ram and performance of your android smartphone, these apps can bring the real upgraded performance. 

Trick To Speed UP Your Android Smartphone By Rooting

For this, we are provided some apps and their download links to install it on your smartphone. 
You need to root your android smartphone before install these apps. Otherwise it will not work on your PC. I ll tell you , how to root android phone, if you want it. So mention it below comment box.

So go through the article and download it on the topic How To Boost Your Android Smartphone Speed And Battery Life. install these apps. You can feel the real difference after it.

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Best Rooted Android Apps To Boost Your Android Smartphone

#1. Greenify

This is the first you should install after rooting your android smartphone. This app is simple but very effective. Also Greenify helps you to boost your android smartphone battery life by hibernating the unwanted/less used apps. By hibernating these apps, these apps will not run in background which will save a lot of ram and increases your battery performance. This app is very popular among rooted users, so consider it as much important.

#2. ROM Manager

ROM Manager is a powerful apps for all smartphone lovers to customize their smartphone by their choice. Some phones didn't have any OTA update for their upgraded OS. By flashing a custom ROM through this software, you can upgrade your smartphone to the latest version of OS by this method. Also you can install out market custom Roms which is useful and have many features while comparing the default android OS.

#3. Titanium Backup

This is an android rooted app for powerful users and doing so much tweaks by risking their smartphone. So sometimes you want to restore your files or even android OS completely, after flashing it when it goes something wrong. So this app must be installed and backup frequently and you will worth this app a lot. You can backup up a specific data or a specific application and their data and they can be restored as per your wish. This is a powerful app for all of us. So you should install it on your android smartphone if you are a rooted user.

#4. Trickster Mod

Trickser Mod is a super app for all. As like the name, these app performs many super tricks which can optimize your smartphone. You can make your smartphone fly like butterfly by overclocking your mobile phone. By doing this you can save your battery life a lot and you ll worth it. 

#5. Smart Booster

This android app name Smart Booster is an awesome for android addicted gamer's. You may feel laggy while running high end graphics games on your phone. So this app can helps you a lot, by boosting your android smartphone RAM for the specific. This apps concentrate the RAM for the specific app and can play any games without having lag. So you must use this app if you are a gamer.

#6. Root Firewall Pro

Don't you feel some lag and slow internet speed while browsing or downloading and you didn't have not using any other internet consuming things. This because of the backgrounds app running with your internet connections. BY using this app you can make use of it, stops the background running apps from it and you can increase your smartphone internet speed through this method. Root Firewall Pro also used to block the ads. So this app will helps you in many ways.

#7. Link2SD

The last, but not the least. This app performs very well and helps your smartphone in many ways. Many of them have only less internal space. So by using this app you can move you android built in apps and applications to your SD card very easily. Link2SD can brings you a lot of internal space which results in increased performance of your smartphone.


These are the best android smartphones to be installed on your smartphone after rooting. By installing the essential apps listed here you can feel the dramatic increased performance and speed of your android smartphone. So here we completed on he topic How To Speed Your Smartphone By Installing These Apps After Rooting. I hope you enjoyed and feel free to ask something related to this.

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