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Saturday, February 11, 2017

How To Create An Android/iPhone App Very Easily

Sharing an easiest way and method to create an Android/iPhone app of your choice without knowing a single coding. Simple and best Android/iPhone apps builder websites which helps you to create your own Android/iPhone apps easily.

Android is the widest and most popular smartphone OS in the world. Therefore many Android apps are born day by day from many persons. Many of them are developing Android apps with coding by personalizing their own customization. There will be very much cost to build an Android app by coding.

Sometimes we all think about creating an Android/iPhone app of our's own. Don't you think ? . Yeah, i searched all over the internet many times on the topic " How To Create an Android/iPhone App easily " . But all the times i failed infront of the coding program because am a normal person who studying in Plus two. So , i have to put up with the plan to make an Android app.

But it's my wish always to make an Android app of ours own. Finally i got something new from the Google planet which helps us all to create an Android app of our's only own. Yeah, this time i am going to share the knowledge that i got from the internet about creating an Android app without the knowledge of coding or any technical knowledge. 

These tutorial will help both Android and iPhone users to make their creative application.
So here, we will discuss about the topic creating an Android app very easily absolutely for free.
So let's start the Panel discussion :-P

Simple Way To Create An Android App Of Your's Own

There are many websites available in the whole over internet to create Android app easily without out any coding. So i am going to share some of the best websites to create our's own Android/iPhone app.

Main Features Of These Websites:-

  • Simple And Very Easy To Create
  • No Need Of Coding Knowledge
  • Easy To Maintain App
  • Can Modify Your App Any Time
  • Comes With HTML 5 For Extra Ordinary Features

Top Websites To Create An Android/iPhone App Without Programming

#1. Appypie

How To Create An Android/iPhone App Very Easily

Appypie is best and recommended website from our team to create Android app very easily. This is the fastest growing cloud based Android apps creator website for any beginners. The Mobile app maker software which allows their users to create an easy Android without programming skills or any Coding. You can also create iPhone's apps too from this website easily. By using App Pie, they will helps you to publish your Android app to Google Playstore easily and also no need to install or download anything. You can simply drag and drop files or pages to your App to make it colorful. So go through the website and have an Android/ iPhone app today itself.

#2. AppsGeyser

How To Create An Android/iPhone App Very Easily

This is an free website same as like Appypie which helps us to transform our data,pictures, files, content or anything into an awesome Android app. This app is best suitable for any beginners. You can makes some money by creating these apps. This website supports and helps us to include messaging services, tabs, social sharing buttons along with HTML 5. You can build and develop your own Android app for your Business plan and after you can make some money with that.

#3. Buzztouch

How To Create An Android/iPhone App Very Easily

This is also a free and open source websites which powers thousands of iPhone and Android applications. This is known as an App-engine which is used to make applications along with developers kit and some programming skills by them. This website is equally useful for beginners and Professionals. So this will be a great start for your first Android application.



So here we completed the discussion on the topic " How To Easily Make Android/iPhone Apps Without Any Programming Skill Or Coding Knowledge ". I guess you all will start today itself to make an Android app using one of these websites. So Go..Goo..Goo and plan an awesome application. Best Of Luck!!

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