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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Top 10 Android Apps That Should Be In Your Phone

Top 10 Android Apps That Should Be In Your Phone

The Essential and must have best list of top10 Android apps that you should be installed in our smartphone for daily needs. Through here, we gonna show you the suitable needed best Android apps for you.

All of them are using smartphones. Mostly many of them are using an android phone over than any other OS available.  According to 2016 senses, google play store has the number of billions of app download which shows all of them are interested and loves to customize their phones with the variety of android apps. But we cannot fill up our android phone with a bunch of android apps.

So today we are introducing effective and useful top 10 android apps that every android users must have. Not only sharing the names of the android but also discussing their quality features.

    So, Lets Start 

    #1. Whatsapp Messenger

    It will always stand first in considering any android apps. The app which we can't have to ignore anymore. Whatsapp is being the part of our life like facebook earlier days. It's cross-platform offers instant messaging service which is free for lifetime without showing a single ad. That's the main advantage of this android app over anything in playstore, You can share anything through this like text messaging, video, songs, contact, google map location except files (may come in future). Also, you can call anyone for free.

    #2. MX Player

    MX Player is the widely used video player by everyone and it's a must have an android app. It's available for any android OS. It has many features and its the best player for viewing films and videos. You can zoom video by pinching up with fingers like enlarging images, although it supports subtitles. It also has a kid lock mode to prevent pressing anything accidentally. It supports a huge list of video file formats and works efficiently. It shows an ad while pausing it on playing videos only when we connected the internet. It works finely including Android 5.0 Lollipop version.

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    #3. Facebook Messenger/ Facebook App

    The Facebook android app is the widest spreadly used app ever in olden time. But by changing the trend little bit, nowadays this app becomes fewer showing in our smartphone. Although all we are using facebook messenger as well. By this app, you can connect with your friends, share videos, picture, update status, send instant messages with beautiful stickers supported. For long chatting, facebook messenger is very fun to use by its creative design and features.

    #4. ES File Explorer

    It's an awesome featured fully free file manager for android. Most of the android phones come with like My files inbuilt app, which have only fewer features and not very easy to use. ES file manager has many ...many features including advanced features for rooted users. It's a best app to download on your android phone.

    #5. Airdroid

    It's an easy to use android app which allows you to send anything from phone/tablet to your computer connected to the internet. By installing, Airdroid you can send transfer files through it also you can easily install apps from PC without having any USB cable. Its a free software and no PC software is required. You can easily access by opening their airdroid website

    #6. Polaris Office

    It's a good for creating and modifying office documents and adobe files such a pdf and spreadsheet documents too. Totally its a good android app for all office using. It's a free app and it's available free in google play

    #7. Google Keep

    It's a very simple and effective android app to make notes with embedding video and pictures.
    It is integrated with your google mail account you can sign in through it without registering. Google keep has many options to keep you updated and organized. It is available on playstore.

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    #8. Dropbox

    Drop offers free and wide cloud storage, which helps us to upload anything on the internet such as music, videos, files etc. Through Dropbox, you can save you email attachments directly to your account, we don't have to manually download it. It's also free and may come with inbuilt in some android phone such as Samsung etc.

    #9. Opera Mini

    It's the best app which is easy to use for browsing and downloading anything. Its uses their own self-hosted cloud servers to compress their website pages. It saves data up to 90% and makes your site loads very faster. It supports very speed on 2G connection too and the users love it. It's also a free android application.

    #10. Pocket

    It's an app used to read anything later. It saves our data by saving the web pages or articles into offline mode and we can read it later. it's and good to use.


    So these are the best top 10 android apps to use for daily needs. We only included just 10. There are still many more apps standing in front it. So try to mention you valuable feedback through comments.

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