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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Ultimate Top 10 Fun Websites To Fool Your Friends

Ultimate Top 10 Fun Websites To Fool Your Friends

Show off your friends smarter with these cool and funny, technical fun websites to make them fool. Listing the Top Best 10 funny websites to prank your friends in 2017. These websites will helps you to make fun with your friends and stand out up.

Hey Buddies, Today we come with an interesting topic, "How To Fool Your Friends Easily Using Prank Websites To Make Them Be A Joker". Throughout the article here we providing the top list of best 10 websites to prank your friends. These are the variety and unique type of sites. You can show off in front of your friends, so here are the top collection of prank websites to fool anyone in 2017.

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Cool Top 10 Websites To Troll Your Friends Or Anyone

Just simply follow the article and these websites are just to entertain you. These are not any original or genuine websites. Means, Don't be fool yourself. Be Smarter always..So let's the topic.

    1. HackerTyper.com

    You may be seen in the Movies that the Hacker's or Programmers do fast typing by typing the programming codes. You may be even once you think about that to type like that. But you can't do it easily. Because you need a lot of experience and hard work to do it.

    But the Happy News is, You Can !! This website will help you to fool your friends or anyone to show them off your typing and coding skill.

    For this, Just simply Open HackerTyper.com website,

    then simply type anything, you can see you are coding the programs.. Have a fun.

    2. Scary Facebook Ghost Prank

    The second website is to fear your friends by asking them to open or showing this website. Just wait for 10-15 seconds, then you can see a Ghost coming out from the center of the cracked screen with sound amazing sound effect. The template of Facebook is designed to 1900's theme, for just to look at the features of that time.

    Open This Link To Be Scared Yourself 

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    3. Google Terminal

    Don't you thought about the older Google Designing at the starting time. This website is just for you to have a look and see the Old 90's theme of Google. It's like a Terminal theme. You can search anything in the box and you can see the results displaying terminal. By this you can show off your friends that you are on a super level!!

    Open Google Terminal 

    4. Windows Fake Updates

    From this website, you can create a fake updating windows screen. Also, you can show your friends that you are updating Kali Linux, fake software installing, windows update and much more. Feel the features from this website and start to troll your friends.

    Open FakeUpdate.net

    5. CrashSafari.com 

    This is one of the interesting websites over the list. Because by opening this website, the browser will definitely crash or hang. Simply send the link/URL of this website to your best friends and see them, their browser are going to crash.

    You can test it yourself by opening the link to know how it is working. Remember one thing, I already said you that, the browser will be going to crash. If you are ready to crash your web browser, then be cool to open the site.

    Website Link: CRASHSAFARI.com

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    6. What's Wrong With This Room

    Think like you are an investigation officer and you are now at a suspect room. So look out the room and inquiry what's wrong with this room. Tell what you find it, maybe you can't suffer what you have seen. Don't blame on me. :-P

    7. Spy Love Calculator Prank

    Sometimes you asked your friends or best ones about their crush or lover's name. They never going to tell you the names. So here is the best website to get the name of your friends or anyone's crush name. For this, just simply open the website and Register for an account with your Email ID. After that, you will get a unique love calculator link.

    Just send that link to your friends saying that it's a best and real love calculator to check your love percentage. When they type their crush name and calculate their love percentage, the copy of that data will be sent to your Email. So, you can fool your friends and get their Crush or Lover name. Have Fun.

    Open The Website Spy Love Calculator Prank

    8. Facebook Fake Chat Creator

    With the help of this website, you can easily create a fake Facebook chat with anyone even they are not your friends or any Celebrities, Sports Stars etc. You can enter any name you wish and make a fun fake chat with that.

    Open The Website Fake Facebook Chat Creator

    9. Red Button Fun

    This website will helps you to kill the time by pressing on the Red Button show on the website. After that, the button will ask something you to do. He will order you, warn you,requst you, he will ...... ?
    Have fun..

    Open The Website Red Button Fun

    10. Future News Reader

    Haven't you thought about the news what will be like after so many years? This website will show you a fake news which shows you what will happen at the year 2050 or2060 or any year, by showing the fake and fun news at that time. You can read the future news through this website (prank).

    Open The Future News Reader Website


    So these are the best and fun websites to trick and troll your best friends to make them fun. Here we completed the article on the Topic "Trick To Play With Your Friends Using These Top 10 Ultimate List of Fun Websites".  If I missed anything or you like to tell us anything about this, put down them in the comment section below.

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    1. Oh, It's very funny. I try use Scary Facebook Ghost Prank to send to my friends. And they're response very funny. I think those site is take for people many smiles and happy. thank you for sharing for me. Hope you keep sharing more. Apk Game.





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