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Sunday, February 19, 2017

[Undetectable] How To Hack Facebook Account By Phishing 2017

[Undetectable] How To Hack Facebook Account By Phishing 2017

Teaching you to create a simple, but powerful ultimate Facebook Phishing Website without banning or suspending Free Webhosting account In 2017, Follow the simple step by step tutorial to create your own Clean 2017 Facebook phishing site.

How about Undetectable HTTPS Phishing Page hacking Facebook account in 2017. in this tutorial, we gonna teach you to create a facebook phishing undetectable site in 2017 with HTTPS Protocol Free SSL Domain without banning or suspending the account. Easy and powerful way to fool and host a phishing site in a free web hosting site. 

If you are a normal internet user, probably you may search at least one time about How To Hack Facebook Account Very Easily or  How Hackers Hack Facebook Account Without Knowing or Facebook Account Hacking Tutorial. Before knowing about the ABCD of hacking, I too searched about Facebook account hacking ways in google and found a lot of instant Facebook account hacking software and websites.

Wowww !!

    Using HTTPS Protocol How To Hack Facebook Account By Phishing 2017 Undetectable

    You may thought like that after seeing like the websites and software's which tells us " Hacking Any Facebook  Account Instantly" or Paste the Facebook account user email id or username and click on the Hack button to show the password down below and they will fool us by many steps or they'll be asking us to install any apps or any survey to unlock the password..

    Read It:

    First of all, I wanna say about that,

    There is no any software's or websites in the world which offer us to instantly hack anyone's Facebook account. So don't be cheated in that scams. You may get hacked by them.

    Coming Back to the Topic

    Then, we wanna hack an account. So What should we do or what is the easiest and most popular Facebook account hacking way. You will end at searching Phishing method. But in earlier, there are many ways to host the phishing files in the free web hosting website server to do hacking. But nowadays these Free Webhosting sites are very strict and forward rules and behavior to hacking using phishing method. So many of them (including me) tried and failed to upload hacking files because they will suspend our account without any warning.  Even the web browsers such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera will detect the phishing websites and warn their users not to open the websites. (That's a bad thing for us)

    So, today i researched and found a new way to host the hacking files on the free web hosting website for phishing. Using this method, you can fool these websites to host and upload the hacking files along with the HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) FREE SSL Domain. By following this method, users will blindly open the websites because it shows them it's an HTTPS protocol which is secure. But we gonna rock over them..

    Main Advantages Of This Trick

    • No Banning Or Suspending Our Account From Any Free Webhosting Sites.
    • No Browser Phishing Site Warning Detection, means Undetectable to them.
    • Optimized For Desktop, Tablet, Smartphones [ Responsive In All Way ]
    • Transforming you Free Subdomain URL to free domain name using Nameservers.
    • Shows HTTPS Protocol Secure Connection to Victims [SSL Encryption Using Cloudfare ]

    Important Warning: Creating a Facebook Phishing Page is not an illegal thing, but Misusing it with that is definitely an illegal thing to do. This tutorial is only for the Educational purpose about How Hackers Do And Create Facebook Phishing Account and TheTrickyHacker.com won't support anyone to do hacking with other accounts by misusing this tutorial, We have no Responsible for the things you do..Be Honest and Do The Good Things For Others.  

    Hey Man, Stop The Theory Class And Start The Tutorial

    OK..OK... I am not gonna long last my words about this method, In short, we can use this method to Hack Facebook Account of anyone by using the Phishing method with Free 2017 SSL Domain.

    So let's start the Tutorial, follow my each and every step correctly.

    (If you have any doubts or troubles while following this tutorial, put down your thoughts and doubts in the comment section, down below)

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    Powerful Trick To Create and Host Phishing Files On Free Webhosting Sites With HTTPS

    Short Overview Of The Steps

    1. Signup For 2 Different Free Webhosting Sites.
    2. Downloading And Editing Phishing Files.
    3. Uploading To The Server.
    4. Getting a Custom Domain name for them.
    5. Setting up the URL to HTTPS, SSL Encryption
    6. Saying a Big WOWWWWW :-P

    Tutorial Starts...

    Step 1:  Signing Up For Free Webhosting

    We need to register on two different webhosting sites to make the files undetectable to them.
    For that, first, we signing up on 000Webhost.com  and Hostinger.com  

    You can choose your own selected hosting sites.

    Open this link in the browser or click on this link:  https://www.000webhost.com/free-website-sign-up  and get an account on that site.

    [Undetectable] How To Hack Facebook Account By Phishing 2017

    Choose a desired free domain address and click on the Get Free Hosting Button. Remember not to enter a name which is related to Hacking like Phishing site login, Facebook Phishing etc.. Because they use keyword scanning too to ensure the safety.

    ( Don't forget to verify your Email Address after signing Up )

    After verifying your Email, Click on the Manage Website next to your Website Name.

    Now you can see a webpage like this.

    [Undetectable] How To Hack Facebook Account By Phishing 2017

    Note down your Website account URL.

    Eg: facebooklogindemo.000webhostingapp.com

    Ok.. First Part of  Step 1 is Done. Now Second Part to signup for another web hosting site.

    So, for that Open this link: https://www.hostinger.in  and signup and verify you Email like the earlier.

    After that, note down the URL of this account website too.

    Eg: http://facebooklogindemo.hol.es

    Step 2: Downloading And Editing The Phishing Files

    Just download the Phishing files using this link FACEBOOK PHISHING FILES 2017

    After downloading, just extract the files using Winrar or Any Unzipper.

    You Can see One Folder and Six Phishing Files, like this.

    [Undetectable] How To Hack Facebook Account By Phishing 2017

    Now, we need to edit the Desktop.jpg and Mobile.jpg to do the things work.

    So. open the first file Desktop.jpg using Notepad

    [Undetectable] How To Hack Facebook Account By Phishing 2017

    Then, press Cntrl+F and search for http://facebooklogindemo.hol.es 

    [Undetectable] How To Hack Facebook Account By Phishing 2017

    and replace it with your website URL, then Save it.

    Remember: You Should note replace the /d_data.php , just only replace your website url only.Eg: http://YOUR_WEBSITE_URL.com/d_data.php

    then, do the same thing with Mobile.jpg

    [Undetectable] How To Hack Facebook Account By Phishing 2017

    Just replace the URL (except /m_data.php) with your site URL.

    Then, Save it.

    Done.. Editing Completed.

    Now it's time to upload the files.

    Read It:

    Step 3: Uploading To Webhosting Account

    Then, Open the 000Webhost Account where we created first hosting account.

    Then, Click on the Upload Now Button

    [Undetectable] How To Hack Facebook Account By Phishing 2017

    Now, you'll be redirected File Manager.

    (If you are facing any Cpanel Login problem, just logout and login again.)

    Go to Public_html folder, then click on the New File Icon on the top right corner

    [Undetectable] How To Hack Facebook Account By Phishing 2017

    Then give name exactly as "desktop_files" and click on Create

    (Folder name should be correct, otherwise, the page won't load properly)

    [Undetectable] How To Hack Facebook Account By Phishing 2017

    Then, next step is to open the desktop_files folder and click on Upload icon on the top right side corner.

    [Undetectable] How To Hack Facebook Account By Phishing 2017
    Then, Browse to the downloaded Phishing files folder and open the desktop_files folder and select all the files by pressing Ctrl+A or drag and select all the files with your mouse, and click Open

    [Undetectable] How To Hack Facebook Account By Phishing 2017

    After that, click on the Upload button

    [Undetectable] How To Hack Facebook Account By Phishing 2017

    Now, Go back to the Public_html folder and again click on the Upload Button on the top.

    Upload only the selected 4 files only, (Exclude d_data.php and m_data.php)

    Select the mobile_detect.php, mobile.jpg, index.php. desktop.jpg and click on Upload.

    [Undetectable] How To Hack Facebook Account By Phishing 2017

    The first section of Uploading completed. You can see your file manager files like this.

    [Undetectable] How To Hack Facebook Account By Phishing 2017

    Now, next part of this step is to upload the remaining two files on the second free webhosting account.

    So, Open the  https://www.hostinger.in   Cpanel that you have created earlier and open the file manager.

    [Undetectable] How To Hack Facebook Account By Phishing 2017

    Them same like earlier open the Public_folder and if there any Index.html file exists, simply delete that file.

    Then, click on the Upload Button and select the two files (d_data.php and m_data.php) one by one

    [Undetectable] How To Hack Facebook Account By Phishing 2017

    and click on the Green Tick icon.

    Great!! Uploading Step Completed...

    (Drink a Glass Of Water)

    Now, Check your URL whether the Phishing website opens correctly.
    Open your 000Webhosting account URL.

    Eg: facebooklogindemo.000webhostingapp.com

    OMG...It's Working without any problems.

    [Undetectable] How To Hack Facebook Account By Phishing 2017

    To check whether the things working perfectly. Just anything on the Email and Password Field, click on Login In.

    Open the Hostinger.in website Url, you created before and add /users.html at last

    For example : facebooklogindemo.hol.es/users.html

    [Undetectable] How To Hack Facebook Account By Phishing 2017

    You Like To Read:

    Step 4: Setting Up Custom Domain Name

    Open  http://www.freenom.com and enter any URL click on Check Availability

    Then, select your desired extension .tk or .ml etc

    Then click on the Checkout Button and then after that Click on Continue Button. 

    On the next page, Verify your Email Address, by enetr your Email and Click on Verify Email Address.

    Open your Gmail and verify it.

    Then Open the webpages like this,

     Click on the Client Area Button >> Services Tab >> My Domains >> Manage Domain >> Management Tools >> Nameservers

    Click on the Custom Nameservers like this,

    [Undetectable] How To Hack Facebook Account By Phishing 2017

    You need to fill the Nameserver 1 and Nameserver 2, for this

    Go to Member area of Your 000Webhosting account and click on

    Set Web Address >> Own A Domain >> Park Domain 

    On the Domain Name Box, type your Freenom registered custom domain name like


    Note down the Nameservers,

    probably ns01.000webhost.com, ns02.000webhost.com

    (You Need This)

    Then back in  the Freenom Nameserver page, fill The Nameserver 1 and Nameserver 2 with ns01.000webhost.com, ns02.000webhost.com  and click on Change Name Servers

    [Undetectable] How To Hack Facebook Account By Phishing 2017

    Done, Just wait 5-10 Minutes, after that open your Freenom registered custom domain name and you can see your website opens in your custom domain name.

    Step 5: Setting Up HTTPS Protocol For Your Domain Name [SSL For Domain]

    Some of them may think, Why this step? All steps are done and the website is working Just Fine.
    Then should we do this?

    Let me answer for this. Using HTTPS Protocol the Users will blindly open the webpage without having any doubts whether it is a Phishing web page or not.

    Hope you got what i meant..

    Come on, Let's make it..

    Open  https://www.cloudflare.com/a/sign-up

    Signup for an account and in the next page, enter your Freenom registered custom domain name and click on SCAN DNS RECORDS BUTTON 

    It will take sometime,

    after completed Click Continue >> Continue >> Free Website >> Continue

    [Undetectable] How To Hack Facebook Account By Phishing 2017

    On the next page, you will be asked to change your Nameservers with theirs,

    [Undetectable] How To Hack Facebook Account By Phishing 2017

    Open Freenom Server Page and replace the existing with the Cloudflare Nameservers, and Click Change Nameservers.

    [Undetectable] How To Hack Facebook Account By Phishing 2017

    Then, on the Cloudflare page, click on Continue Button

    You will be redirected to their Dashboard.

    After that, click on the Recheck Nameservers Button, then Go to Crypto Tab

    Down below the SSL Section, change it to Flexible From Full 

    [Undetectable] How To Hack Facebook Account By Phishing 2017

    It will take around 24hrs to authorize it so just wait. Meanwhile, you can open your domain name with HTTP protocol.

    Step 6: (Optional)


    Hurray!! Done..Done..Done.. We Completed All the Steps..


    We just completed the Step By Step Tutorial on the topic How To Hack Facebook Account By Creating An Undetectable Phishing Account Using HTTPS Protocol And SSL Domain Certification. I hope you enjoyed and understood all the steps we taught you without having any doubts or problems. If you are facing anything regarding this topic, don't be shame to ask me through the below Comment section. I'll happy to help you all the time. Good Day Hackers, See yar..

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