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Saturday, March 4, 2017

[Effective Ways] How To Increase Ram & Boost Performance Of Computer

How You can Increase your computer Ram in any Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 OS and boost the overall performance computer in 2017 using this simple but effective tips. Discussing the two working latest methods to increase your Ram without adding any extra Ram or any hardware. By Optimizing some tweaks, you can boost it.

    You may think that this is a very old trick and outdated post. But, till now too most of the peoples don't know about this trick. One-Two of my fellow readers contacted me on the topic how to increase the performance of their PC. So I decided to re-write the post with effective and easy two ways on the topic "How To Boost The Performance Of Computer By Increasing Ram Without Any External Hardware".

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    How To Increase Ram Size Of Computer Using a Pendrive/USB/ Flash Drive

    We are sharing two ways that will help you to increase the Ram size of your PC, with a good storage capacity Pendrive. You cannot expect a big amount of difference, but it worth's it. The larger capacity Pendrive you using, the more you can expect.

    #Method 1: Increasing Ram Using Windows Virtual Ram Concept

    #1. Simply plug in your Pendrive/USB into your computer.
    #2. Then Right Click On My Computer Icon And Click On Properties

    #3. Then click on Advance System Settings from the left side menu.

    #4. Go to the Advanced Tab Section >> Under Performance, Click On The Settings Button

    Read Now:

    #5. Again, Click on the Advanced Tab >> Under Virtual Memory, Click On Change Button

    #6. Next step is to Uncheck the tick showing " Automatically Manage Paging Size For All Drives"
         Now, select your Pendrive from the list and click on the Custom Size and add your Pendrive file size in MB(megabytes) value.

    Make sure to add a value by subtracting a 15-20MB from the total space for Pendrive Safety.

    Don't get it?

    If your total pen drive space available is 3818Mb. Then give the value as 3800MB in the box by subtracting a range of 15-20MB for the safety of Pendrive.

    Cleared your doubt?

    #7. Restart Your PC/Laptop

    Now you can see the Pendrive/ USB Works as a Virtual Ram and you can feel the difference between the overall performance. 

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    #Method 2: Using Ready Boost Technique In Windows 10, 8, 7

    I think this method is famous and known by many of them.

    #1. Plug in your USB/Pendrive and right click on it go to Properties. 

    #2. Then, go to Ready Boost Tab >> Under Use This Device give the value in MB as like in the previous method.

    #3. Click on Apply Button >>then  OK Button

    #4. Restart Your PC /Laptop and you have done.


    These are the simple and easiest two ways to " Boost Performance Of You PC/Laptop By Increasing Your Ram In Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 OS in 2017 ". I hope you guys gonna rock your PC performance by utilizing these tricks. Having any doubt? mention down below..

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