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Monday, March 13, 2017

How To Increase Memory Of Your iPhone Effectively

How To Increase Memory Of Your iPhone Effectively

Easy and best ways to boost and increase iPhone memory storage. A simple and effective trick to hack any storage of iPhone smartphone,and it worths well to increase the storage of your iPhone, using legit ways. So we'll discuss it throughout the post.

This is my first post as a co-author in, as a regular user of iPhone and being a Blackberry enthusiast  I'll like to post about iPhone and Blackberry problems and their Solutions,

The most common reasons for low memory of your iPhone you will get when you ask for an expert review, they will be
  1.  External Hard drives, 
  2. Thumb Drives, 
  3. Battery Packs, 
  4. Cloud services

And Out of these all, it will be terrible to select as everything is financial so we will need a hack or a bug that help us doing the job.

    Read It:

    Trick To Boost iPhone Memory Capacity

     By the post title, many of you gets confused whether this is possible or any sort of prank as this April month, but you are right today I gonna demonstrate this,  
    As because many of the fellas will be using iPhone but unfortunately as iPhone won't give us a chance of external SD card, we will try to prefer 32GB or 64GB, but it will be financially difficult to go for 32GB or 64GB, so here is a small trick based on Bug in Apple iPhone,

    A rare bug has been discovered that helps us to intensify the storage on iPhone, this can free up memory in Gigabytes and completely free of risk if you are using low memory iPhone like 8GB or 16GB.

    How To Increase Memory Of Your iPhone Effectively

    This trick is a very small task, And I'll make it very clear by these simple steps of demonstration, 

      Step Wise Demonstration:

      #1. Open Settings>>General>>About, and come down scrolling to “available”.

      #2. After that check how much space is available free,

      #3. Then open Store iTunes. After that search, a movie having somewhat high size than the available free space, 

      #4. After Searching, Select “Rent” on top, stay cool unless you have a room, don’t pay, and as the available space is low, a popup will appear, and displays a text “ insufficient Storage”.

      How To Increase Memory Of Your iPhone Effectively

      #5.  After popup message, select OK, and again check the available storage and then you will get surprise as there you will find extra memory available.

      #6.  And according to me you will be getting 4GB free for using this trick on 16GB iPhone, this trick was discovered by Reddit, but the reason behind this trick is not that much clear, but upto my knowledge,


      Possible Reason Behind this Hack/Bug

       I think the trick that we did will clear the phones fastest memory i.e., cache memory.
      And if you make any Mistake in this process please use our contact form to contact us and please feel free to contact us, we will be pleased to solve your issues,

      As this trick is risk-free, So you can have a trial, and please don’t miss to share your happiness here after working it out. 

      This is Guest Post by Ajay Kumar, a Blogger. So here we completed the article on the topic "How To Increase The Memory Storage Of iPhone Smartphone Easily". I hope you enjoyed the reading.
      Comments are most appreciated. Sharing is Caring, so if you have such stuff then share with us....!!

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