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Monday, March 6, 2017

[Powerful Tips] How To Create a Super Secure Strong Password

How To Create A Super Secure Hackerproof Password

Providing the most powerful and excellent tips and tricks to create an unhackable full secure hackerproof password. This article will guide you to make an easy remembering strong and secure password. Go through the article, to know more...

    We are living in a world of un-secure things. We are risking our life and other online network connected accounts while we browsing the internet. Because, in today's world, all things are connected to the internet and all are networked each other.

    Even if one of the accounts is hacked by the hackers, they have the ability to ruin your life by hacking all other accounts which are connected each other.

    So the best way is to create a strong and secure password to prevent hackers being hacked. So I am sharing you the simple tips and tricks on the topic " How To Create an Easy Remembering Unbreakable, Secure & Strong Password To Defeat Hackers 2017".

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    Tips & Tricks To Make Strong & Secure Password

    Many of them do a lot of mistakes while creating a password for your social account. I tried my best to share you the easy tips, which is understood by every normal internet users.I am not explaining any structures or any useless things which we can't understand easily.

    So, I am sharing the list about Do & Dont's To Create a Powerful password.
    Good things first,

    Tips To Follow To Create a Safe & Secure Perfect Password

    1. Creating a Password With Mixing The Characters:

    While creating a password always try to mix with Combination of upper and lower mixed case letters, Numbers, Symbols etc. This is the best tip to create a super secure password.

    I will demonstrate an example,

    Consider I am creating a password. If my password is,


    this password is very easily hacked by the hackers.

    And now I am transforming the same word into a unhackable and secure password


    Yes, I mixed with small letters, upper case letters, numbers, symbols. This way you can easily convert a simple word into a hacker-proof password.

    2. Create Easy Memorable Password:

    This means not to make your Email id, Mobile phone number, Your girlfriend's name etc. Try to assign a password which is easily rememberable in your life.

    3. Store Your Password In Your Mind: 

    Some peoples tend to follow the habit of storing their password in some online accounts or in their smartphone or PC. This is very dangerous and easy to get the password to the hands of strangers even by a single mistake.

    Never use any password manager ( In my opinion ), because if somebody gets to access the cloud storage of these accounts by utilizing you're signed in computers or experts by direct hacking their server, your passwords will be in their hands.

    So the best way is to store them in your mind ( Unhackable )

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    4. Try To Create a Password Minimum Length Of 12 Characters:

    12 Characters length is the most used and easy remembered length as well secure. You can create your length more than 12. That's your wish.

    One thing I want to say that, Increasing the length of your password is directly proportional to a uncrackable password.

    5. Develop a Habit To Change Your Password Periodically:

    Try to change your password randomly for the good security of passwords. If you had created most secure password too, in my opinion, try to change it periodically.

    6. Don't Assign a Single Password To All Internet Accounts:

    This is an important tip to follow, never create a single password for all of your accounts.
    Suppose if your account is hacked by someone, then he can use that password to access your other online accounts.

    By assigning a different password to different accounts, you secured your other accounts if one of your accounts is hacked.

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    A Simple Demonstration about a Less Secure, Ideal Strength Password, Secure & Strong Passwords.

    Less Secure PasswordsIdeal strength PasswordsSecure & Strong Passwords
    Only numbers as passwords

    Only Letters as passwords
    Mixing Of Numbers & LettersMixing with Upper &Lower Case, Numbers, Symbols for a single password.

    Character Length Of 1-5
    Minimum of 8 Characters length for passwords.Minimum of 12 Characters Length.
    Only Lowercase lettersPasswords with lowercase and uppercase combination.

    Including a single symbol with your letter password.
    Unreadable Words as a password.

    No meaning characters, Numbers and Symbols mixed word passwords

    Not to include any complete words.

    Passwords first characters starts with Symbols.
    Using Your Mobile Number, Your Wife/Lover name, Your nicknames, Your Pet name or any common name as your password.

    Dictionary names as password.
    Not using any common names as your password.

    Not using any dictionary names as password.


    These are the essential tips to follow while creating a super secure uncrackable password. Here we completed the article on the topic " Excellent Tips & Tricks To Follow To Create a Uncrackable Super Secure & Strong Password ".  Share your views about this. 

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