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Friday, March 3, 2017

Top 10 Ways To Look Like A Professional Hacker & Amaze Your Friends

Sharing the simple and easiest tricks to To Look Like a Pro Hacker in front of your friends. This article will guide you to perform some simple prank Hacking tricks to show off with your friend and be a star. You can fool your friends with these tricks.

    Recently, I have shared you the Top Cool Websites To Prank Your Friends. Then now, today I am here with a simple trick to be and act like a Professional Hacker like in the Sci-Fi Movies.

    By reading this post, you cannot be like a real Professional Hacker, but you can do some useful and some prank tricks to show off with your friends and others to become a star.

    How To Look Like a Real Hacker And Be a Start Infront Of Your Friends

    Below, I am going to share some cool and tricks and tips which you can do practice to fool your friends. Also, some are real and useful tricks. So I am mixing and combining all to make undetectable hacker tricks for your friends

    Read Now:

    1. Transforming CMD To Look Like Hackers Terminal Window

    A Terminal window with a black background with green color text is said to be commonly the Hacker's Terminal Window. It looks so Professional and classy look to your old CMD Window. In this way, you can customize your Command Prompt Window to a new better look.

    For This,

    • Simply Open CMD by searching CMD in Start Menu and press Enter
    • Right Click On the Title Bar Then Click On Properties
    • Now, click on the Colors Tab section
    • Click On Screen Text And Change the color to Green

    2. Change Text And Names Of Softwares Using Resource Hacker

    This is a simple software which helps you to easily edit and customize the text, names on any software's by editing the values. You cannot modify the functions of the software using this software.

    You can fool your friends by saying you have decompiled this software and compiled with own modifications.

    Download It From Here

    3. Act Like Professional Programming Hacker With HackerTyper is really an interesting website to fool your friends. When we open this website, we can see a terminal like a window and you can type anything it. If you write anything, the website will automatically show some random commands and programs.

    And after that simply Double Press The Alt Key and you can see the Access Granted Message, which you can amaze your friends by using this website.

    Read More Tricks About Fun Websites Prank

    4. Create A Fake Status Of Your Anyone To Show You Hacked Them

    Open This Link and you can easily create a fake Facebook status of your friends or anyone and show anyone that you have hacked and updated the status from their account.

    Read It:

    5. Stealing The Saved Passwords From Chrome Web Browser

    You can view the Saved Login Passwords of Facebook, Google, Blogger or any login forms using this tricks.

    For this, simply copy and paste this,


    on the address bar and you can see the saved all login sites list with dotted passwords. Simply click on that and click on Show Button to see the particular password.

    6. Viewing Facebook Or Any Site Asterisk (*****) Password Using Inspect Element

    You can do this on any web browser. You can see the saved dotted (*****) passwords by using the Web Browser inspect element tool.  This works by changing the input password type to text. Then we can see the password in plain text. This is a best hacking method to Hack a Facebook account too.

    7. Installing Keylogger And Stealing The Password

    Simply, Keylogger is a simple software that records our every keystroke we pressed on our keyboard and sent to the hacker or victim through Email or any other possible methods.

    You Can Download a Simple Keylogger From Here

    Read More About Keylogger

    Like To Read:

    8. Fake Windows Data Transferring Progress Bar 

    By this software Fake Progress Bar you can tell your friends that you have hacked someone's any websites accounts and you stealing and transferring the confidential data from their server to your PC using the software.


    9. Shutdown Your Computer Using Notepad

    This is a very old trick, also many of us still don't know about this trick and you can simply amaze your friends by using this Notepad Trick.

    Open Your Notepad and type and copy paste the below code

    @echo off Shutdown.exe -s -t 10 cls msg * You Are Hacked!

    then save this using Save As Option, then save this file with a name .bat extension.

    Eg: Thetrickyhacker.bat 

    Then, simply send the file to your victims or just open this. Simply tell your friends that this is virus developed by you and this shutdown your computer by changing and crashing the system files.

    10. Installing Rainmeter Software And Change The Entire Look Of PC

    Rainmeter is an awesome windows customizing software which helps you to customize your windows desktop entirely with awesome templates and themes.

    You can simply Download Rainmeter Software From Here and search for the themes and templates and just simply install it.


    These are the best and Top 10 Ways to be like a Professional Hacker and do the simple hacking tricks among your friends to be a star and become Popular. So here we completed the article on the topic "How To Look Like A Pro Hacker And By Doing Simple Hackings In Like Sci-Fi Movies To Show Off Your Friends By Fooling Them'. Hope you guys loved this post. Have a Blast!!

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