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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

[Tutorial] How To Activate Jio Prime Membership Offer & Enjoy Unlimited 4G Data

[Tutorial] How To Activate Jio Prime Membership Offer & Enjoy Unlimited 4G Data

How To Activate Your Jio Sim Prime Membership And Enjoy all the benefits of Jio Happy New Year Offer Free Unlimited 4G Data + Unlimited Call & Sms Till March 2018. The simple and easiest steps and tutorial about How to recharge for Rs99 to activate Jio Prime. We will dicuss throughout this post.

    So Guys, Many Of them from us have a simple and doubt and confusion of "How to Enjoy Free Jio 4G Data After 31st March 2017" JIO has reached 10 Million customers within the short period of time. They extended their Free Data plans much time and now they put an end to it. Not a big full stop, but a simple one. You need to Activate JIO Prime Membership and recharge for Rs99 to activate it and recharge for Rs303 Per month to use the 1GB daily + Unlimited data per month.

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    Brief View About Jio Prime Membership Plan

    You have to activate the Prime membership before next month. i.e  From March 1st - March 31st, 2017, after that you can't activate and you will be moved to NON-JIO Prime Users. They have very fewer benefits when compared to JIO Prime Users. So the wise decision is to activate JIO for Rs99 and activate JIO Prime.

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    What Are The Advantages Of JIO Prime Membership

    These are the pointwise benefits of activating Jio Prime Membership,

    • JIO Prime users can enjoy and use all the free services which are named as JIO Happy New Year Offer. Which means Unlimited 4G Data, Unlimited Calls, Unlimited Sms, Callertune etc till 2018 March.
    • For Prime users, the data plans and other subscription charges are very less and have more benefits over Jio Non-prime users.
    • You can enjoy all the premium apps like Jio Music, Jio TV, Jio Cinema, Jio Express-News, Jio Mags etc for free till March 2018. 

    Short Overview Of Jio Prime Data Plan Details

    JIO Prime Membership                      Price

    Activation Charge                                 Rs 99

    Unlimited 4G Data (Per Month)             Rs 303


    Daily 1GB Data & Up to 30GB Per Month (After that Unlimited Speed Reduced Data)

    Free And Unlimited Voice Calls To Any Network

    Free And Unlimited SMS/ Text Messages To Any Network

    Unlimited Free Access To Jio Premium Apps

    Daily 1GB 4G WiFI Data at Rs 10

    All these benefits till March 2018, that's the big advantage of Prime Membership.


    What Will Happen, If I Not Activated JIO Prime Membership

    You can activate Jio Prime before March 31st, after that you can't activate. Them, surely the next question will be What Will Happen next? Did I get any Free Data or Free Calls? or any other features.

    Don't worry, as they announced the Jio services during the launch,

    • You Will Get Unlimited Free Calls
    • Unlimited Free Sms
    • Free Roaming Too Will Be Free On Jio Network
    • You Need To Pay Little Higher To Enjoy 4G Data. 
    In the place of Recharging Rs 303, which JIO users will get 30GB Per Month(Daily 1GB Limit), The NON-JIO users only will get 2.5 GB of data per month for Rs 303 which is not good for the current Jio customers. Because we are addicted to 4G Browsing and Downloading. That's they do indirectly with our mind and habit by offering the Free Plans. 

    Them Next Question Will Be,

    How To Activate Jio Prime Membership Plan For Your Jio Number

    There are mainly 3 ways you can activate the Prime membership plan. They are,

    #1. Activating Jio Prime Membership Using My Jio App

    • Simply Download Or Update Your My Jio App To The Latest Version
    • Open My Jio App (Before March 31st, 2017)
    • Open The Menu From Your Left Side And Click On Jio Prime(Red Icon)

    • Then, Login To Your Account Using Sim Login
    • You will see a page like this

    • Click on Get Jio Prime Button (On the Bottom Left Side) and simply recharge with your Jio Wallet or Using Your Credit/ Debit Card.
    You Have Successfully Activated Jio Prime Membership On Your Jio Sim

    Note: You Can also Gift Jio Prime membership to your relatives or anyone in your family using the Gift Jio Prime Button

    #2. Activating Jio Prime Membership Using Jio.com Website

    • Simply Open Jio.com Website
    • Click On Subscribe To Jio Prime Membership
    • Then, Login into your Jio Account using Jio ID and password.
    • Pay Rs 99 Using Any Online Payment System
    • Complete the payment and you will be auto activated Jio Prime Membership on your Phone.

    Read It:

    #3. Activating Jio Prime Membership Through Jio Retail Store

    • Go to your nearest any Jio Retail  Store
    • Then, ask the Jio Staff in the store to activate Jio Prime Membership Plan On your Jio Number and give your number to them. 
    • Give Them Rs99 and they will be activated Jio Prime Membership Instantly.

    Yeah!! Now You Have Activated And Subscribed To Jio Paid Happy New Year Offer Prime Membership Plan again.

    After March 31st, simply recharge for Rs 303 and you will get the Unlimited 4G Data For Your Jio Sim Number. 

    Youtube Video Tutorial On How To Activate Jio Prime Membership - Tariff Plans

    Jio Prime Membership Doubts Clearing - FAQ

    1. Is It Necessary To Recharge Rs 303 every Month, If I Activated Jio Prime Membership Plan?

    Answer: Simply No !!, You don't need to recharge every month to extend the Prime Membership, it's your choice to recharge to get Unlimited data.

    2. Currently Is There Available Only Rs 303 Recharge Tariff Plan?

    Answer: No, there are some other wide lists of Data Recharge Plan for your Jio Sim Number. You can check the complete Jio Data Plan Here,

    3. What About JioFi User Prime Membership?

    Answer: JioFi customers also have the benefit to recharge as like the other users and activate Jio Prime membership to enjoy all the free unlimited 4G data as like the other customers.

    4. Is Jio Prime Membership Available Only To Jio Prepaid Customers?

    Answer: No, It's available for all the Jio Customers such as Prepaid, Postpaid & JioFi users.

    5. What Is The Jio Unlimited High-Speed Data Timing?

    Answer: Yes, from 2 Am To 5 Pm, You can download or browser Jio Unlimited High Speed Without Any 1GB Data Limit.

    6. What All Are The Services And Offers Under Rs 303 Jio Recharge?

    Answer: You can enjoy unlimited 4G High speed data up to 30GB per month with 1GB limit per day limit, Unlimited Voice Calls. Unlimited Free Sms, Unlimited Access To Jio Premiu Apps, Free Roaming Over Jio Network.


    So, these are the 3 ways to Activate Jio Prime Membership and here we completed the tutorial on the topic " Easily Activate Jio Prime Membership In Your Jio Sim Number and How To Recharge For rs 99 To Activate Jio Prime". Hope you guys like the post. Thank You.

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